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Macron loses the majority in Parliament

The French president has five difficult years ahead of him. His coalition loses the majority in the parliamentary elections, while the far right advances sharply. “We have achieved our goal, to make Emmanuel Macron the minority president,” said National Leeds party leader Marine Le Pen.Updated: 19 June 2022, 23:05Published: 19 June 2022, 20:19Macron’s coalition gets provisionally between 220 and 240 seats in the National Assembly – far from the 289 required for its own majority – and the result after Sunday’s parliamentary elections was thus a real failure for the re-elected president. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne admits that the result is disappointing and calls it France”. But she also promises that the alliance will try to find a coalition. “We will start working tomorrow (Monday) to find a majority,” she said on French television. made its best parliamentary election to date. The party is expected to get between 80 and 90 seats in parliament. “We have achieved our goal, to make Emmanuel Macron a minority president without control of power,” Le Pen said in his vigil. “The only thing we want is to serve the French. We will fight for them “, said Le Pen before she took the lead for Marseljäsen, reports Le Figaro. The party has never been so large in the National Assembly, and the result means that the far right can strengthen its power and form a party group in parliament.But also the left cheered. The left-wing coalition Nupes, led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, nearly triples the number of seats and is expected to get between 165 and 180. At his Paris vigil, Mélenchon said it was still too early to announce a winner: “We do not yet know if we are the biggest, or the second largest. “” Tomorrow you will wake up either with Nupes in the majority or with Nupes as the main political opposition. “Dissatisfaction with Macron must be seen against the background that he himself was re-elected president with a clear majority on April 24 – then with Marine. Le Pen as a counter-candidate. Since then, he has appointed a new government since he was re-elected president. But at least two ministers – Minister of Health Brigitte Bourguignon and Minister of Adaptation and Administration Amélie de Montchalin – lost their seats, which traditionally means that they are expected to resign. President Richard Ferrand also lost his seat in the House.By tradition usually the president appoints a prime minister from the political bloc who has a majority in parliament. To achieve this, Macron’s bloc may need to extend a hand to the more traditional right-wing Republican bloc, which looks set to get about 60 seats in parliament. Less than half of French voters voted. Although turnout was slightly higher than in the second round of 2017, according to forecasts, only about 46 percent voted. For Jean-Luc Mélenchon, it is a sign of Macron’s “moral failure” and that the political establishment as a whole has failed, he says. “France has had its say. , and we must acknowledge that the proportion who did not vote is large enough. A large part of France does not know where to turn. ”TT

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