Bitcoin Investing: Complete Guide to Start Investing

Charlie Taylor

Are you curious to try the cryptocurrency market, but don’t know where to start? Take a look at this guide we prepared for you.

Know the market

Even understanding how more traditional applications work, a very important step to always make the best deals is to know the crypto-assets market. It’s always worth investing (check out the pun) a little of your time to delve into the topic. At this time, anything goes: seek information and tips from various experts and sources, this way it is easier to know the main opinions and draw your own conclusions. Remember that this care can prevent future financial losses. This also applies to people who already make other types of investments, as each market has its particularity.

Balance your investments

This market is well known for its high valuation and, therefore, it is always very tempting to invest in bitcoin, but be careful: be very careful not to lose money. Remember that cryptocurrencies are volatile. It is perfectly possible for a currency to appreciate 30% in just one day, but lose 70% of its price the next day due to some situation presented by the market. A tip is to start your investments with a small contribution, so it is easier to adapt to the reality and dynamism that this market presents. It is worth mentioning that, unlike other stocks, where exchanges have a predetermined opening and closing time, in the cryptocurrency universe, this does not happen. Its operations run every day of the year without interruption.

Buy low and sell high

Who has never heard this rule: “buy low and sell high”? This tip is great and makes perfect sense, but… the challenge is knowing when it’s high and when it’s low. Even more so in a market as volatile as crypto. Well, while nobody invents a crystal ball that makes our life easier with this answer, there is a tip that can soften the effect of this risk a little. Some experts suggest buying small amounts (famous contributions) every month, so, on average, the higher amounts are offset by the times you paid lower amounts. Remember that there are several different strategies, the important thing is to find the one that best suits your investor profile. By the way, speaking of strategy, the next topic brings up a very recurring subject in this universe. Check out.

You don’t need to be a trader to start investing in bitcoin

This is a very important issue that should be mentioned in this article. Many people think that to invest in stocks you need to be a trader, but to trade your digital assets you don’t need any in-depth or specific knowledge.

How does Bitcoin investing work?

Now that we understand a bit how to dive into this market, it’s time to understand how to start investing in BTC and how this decentralized market works in practice. Check out!

Choose an intermediary for transactions

To start your investments, the first thing is to find a company that can do this intermediation. Remember: it is essential to look for reliable partners who work with security and transparency. Nowadays, there are some digital accounts that make it easy to buy and sell multi-assets, including Bitcoin. At Bitcoin Market you can trade your assets at any time and directly from your computer or smartphone. Also, if you have already studied the market and feel more confident about taking the next step, such as becoming a trader, there are brokers like Bitcoin Market to elevate your investment level.

make a deposit

Regardless of the partner you choose, after opening the account, you will need to make the deposit in reais into the brokerage account or the chosen digital account. Once the deposit is made, the company will confirm the deposit and credit the balance to your account. The next step is to make the purchase of bitcoins, observing the value of the “exchange” between BTC and BRL.

Buy Bitcoin

Now that you have a balance credited to your account to invest in cryptocurrency, the partner’s app/website/platform will have a field where you can buy the currency. In this place, just enter the amount in reais to effect the transaction. After that, it is possible to track all investments in real time in order to find the best business opportunities.

What is the minimum amount to invest in Bitcoin?

A single bitcoin was once worth more than BRL 300,000, but don’t worry. You don’t have to buy 1 whole bitcoin, as we mentioned, you can start with much less. In fact, this virtual currency can be divided up to eight decimal places (0.00000001) and we call this fraction Satoshi. If we are to compare, the Satoshis would be like the cents inside the Real, a nomenclature that pays homage to its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Each company can set a minimum amount to carry out the transaction and this amount can start from R$1. See how you can start with very little? WANT TO BUY BITCOIN? CLICK HERE TO OPEN YOUR FREE BITCOIN MARKET ACCOUNT

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