Bitcoin guarantee loan already has the cheapest rate among credit fintechs

Charlie Taylor

It seems that the bitcoin has become the perfect guarantee for those who want to take extremely cheap loans in Brazil, the option of digital gold as a guarantee is even more advantageous than traditional options. cheapest in Brazil. The company offers rates ranging from 0.69% per month to 1.49%. In comparison, Easynvest, which offers equity-backed credit, CDBs, investment funds and Treasury Direct securities, charges a fee of at least 1.29% per monthComparison between Rispar and traditional brokerage feesComparison between Rispar and traditional brokerage feesIn addition to the fees, Rispar has a system with low bureaucracy and does not consult credit bureaus like Serasa and SPC. The loan money arrives in the account within 2 business days, according to the company's website.

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The cryptocurrency has more attractive rates even for those who are going to use gold to take secured loans. According to Jornal Contábil, the rates for those who seize the precious metal can vary between 2% for micro pledge and 2.549% for pledge. Even so, the rates are lower than the interest charged by the credit card by up to 50%.

But how did Bitcoin become the perfect guarantee for loans?

For Rafael Izidoro, CEO and founder of Rispar, three points explain the ability of interest on bitcoin loans to become so low: “First, by expanding the credit supply – you don't have to dispose of your crypto reserve to access capital Second, speeding up the process – Bitcoin allows hiring to be faster, since the transfer of the asset is extremely fast and without bureaucracy (vs the huge amount of contracts involved in a secured credit in real estate, for example). Finally, reducing credit risk – the strength of the asset, even in times of greater volatility, allows for better conditions. In 6 months of operation, we had low exposure to credit risk and zero defaults. “Still according to Izidoro, the consolidation of bitcoin in the market, the economic scenario and the belief in the risk of the asset helped to reduce interest rates. In partnership with Cointimes, Rispar also offers podcast content to keep you updated on the latest news and news from the crypto market.

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