Bitcoin energy expenditure: a chat with Giovana Simão

Charlie Taylor

With Tesla suspending the acceptance of bitcoins as a means of payment for environmental concerns on Wednesday, the issue of Bitcoin's energy expenditure surfaced. On Thursday morning, Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared a seemingly frightening graph that showed Bitcoin's electricity consumption in recent months. “Insane,” he said. The data was compiled by the University of Cambridge at, which on another page also reveals that the energy consumed by bitcoin represents only 0.6% of the energy consumed in the world. it also mentions that "the amount of electricity consumed every year by household devices always on, but inactive, only in the USA could power the Bitcoin network for 1 and a half years."

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But what does all this tell us about bitcoin acceptance? Or even about network security? This will be the theme of the next Satoshi Connection, which will take place on friday (14) at 16h with the special participation of Giovana Simão, founder of Bitdasminas.The Cointimes podcast always happens live on Youtube, and you can participate in the conversation through chat. In order not to risk losing the live, subscribe to the channel and activate the notifications below.

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