Bitcoin compass Review 2020 🥇- Legit or Scam? Live Results

Many people today have begun to become more and more interested in using cryptocurrency in order to create a financial gain. However, not all of the current cryptocurrencies offered today were created equal. This inequality can easily complicate investing while trying to select a platform that will provide the best results. Not only that, there are many you need to be weary of so that you don’t get scammed in the process.


It is because of these questionable crypto platforms that we are here to take a thorough look at one of the most popular ones known as Bitcoin compass. We chose Bitcoin compass due to the huge amount of positive feedback so we are here to confirm that the platform truly is what it claims to be.

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With a lucrative market, no time seems better than now to trade cryptocurrency. So let’s get right into it.


3 Reasons for Legitimacy of Bitcoin compass


  1. With a thorough look at all of the aspects of Bitcoin compass we are able to verify that all investors will be able to deposit funds, initiate withdrawals, and make money without having to worry.


  1. Using a crypto platform allows trading to be accurate and with a quick turnaround. They also reduce any possible risks that may appear.

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  1. The most advanced tools were utilized in order to determine the amount of Bitcoin compass’s accuracy. It was determined that Bitcoin compass has over 97% accuracy as compared to other platforms.


Review of Bitcoin compass


Originating in 2018, Bitcoin compass is overseen by a few engineers and brokers who are accomplished within the finance field. Together, they have been able to witness the features in action within the interface to ensure that Bitcoin compass remains secure during the transaction process.


The Process of Bitcoin compass


The way that Bitcoin compass works is comparable to different platforms like Cryptosoft, and Bitcoin Trader. With Bitcoin compass, it collaborates with other “robots” that carry out various cryptocurrency trades. Because of the automation, there is no required knowledge for investors in order for them to start earning money.

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As soon as a trade is set in motion, the market of cryptocurrencies is searched for the best trade opportunities. Once found, they are then purchased without the account owner not having to touch a button. After the day’s trading is completed, any profits made are then deposited into the account.


If you are concerned about the automation you don’t need to be because it is overseen by finance brokers. As the broker monitors the activity, they are able to control whether a transaction occurs or not so that the most money is able to be earned.

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Getting Started With Bitcoin compass


In order to get started with Bitcoin compass an account needs to be opened in order to take advantage of the entire platform.


In order to open an account you’ll need to do the following:


Complete Registration


Registration is an easy step that only takes minutes. To get started, you will need to visit the homepage to have the form downloaded. Once downloaded, fill in your information with a name for the account, email address, and phone number. You will then create your password. You will then need to verify the information that you provide and once verified you will receive an account activated email.


A Demo Feature


The Bitcoin compass platform offers a demo feature for investors who wish to get a feel for it before making an actual investment. There are no differences between the demo and real features so you’ll be able to get a real feel for it without using real money.


Going Live


When you are ready to go live, this is where you will begin to use real money to make even more money. To initiate this you just click on the button and the robots will be activated to go out and search the market. At this time, you can relax and observe your profits increasing. As you will see, there is a feature installed known as stop-loss. This limits account access to funds. Having this detail added is great so that losses can be prevented if a downturn in the market occurs.


From the main control you’ll see several functions that control different areas of the account. You will be happy to know that the functions allow the account user to inspect all transactions, reach customer service, or initiate a withdrawal or deposit.

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An option that is interesting to note is the ability to conduct a live trade using more than one currency. To do this, just select the option during account setup. Currently, the only cryptocurrencies that can be paired are Ripple, Ethereum, and Litecoin. These currencies are then parable with either the EUR or the USD. No matter which one you pair too, you are bound to receive a good amount of earnings from both.


Depositing into your Account


Making a deposit into your Bitcoin compass account is quite easy too. Bitcoin compass offers a low and affordable minimum deposit of $250 and a maximum of $15,000. For a deposit to be made, you are able to select from the available options. Deposit options include PayPal, MasterPay, Netteller, Visa, and MasterCard among others.


Important Details


Account Payout


Bitcoin compass offers accurate and fast payouts. Account payout is important to know about because this is how the platform calculates all earnings. If you have any doubts, you can review the available testimonials that other users have posted concerning their experience. Being that there is a lot of transparency with the Bitcoin compass platform, you will never experience any unseen fees.

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Account Confirmation

Confirming your account is quick and easy and is accomplished during signup. The purpose of confirming your account has more to do with withdrawal capability. That way, there will be no issues arising once a withdrawal is initiated.


Making a Withdrawal


Making a withdrawal is also easy and can be initiated at any hour of the day or night. This freedom will surely keep account holders happy. Typically, withdrawal is processed within 1 day which is quick in comparison to other platforms.


Platform Safety


The Bitcoin compass platform has great safety features installed as well as having an SSL protocol. Having this SSL ensures that all of your information remains encrypted within your Bitcoin compass account.


Account Services


If you ever have an issue with your account or platform itself, the account services department is there to assist. The representatives at Bitcoin compass are very responsive and knowledgeable so you know that your issue will be taken care of.


Side by Side Comparison of Bitcoin compass and other Platforms


Higher Rate of Return


Bitcoin compass is able to provide a 97% rate of return on transactions. With a high amount like this, it’s no surprise that investors are able to make a substantial amount of money.


In comparison, other platforms are not known to have a high rate of return thus allowing several transactions to fail and provide only a loss.

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Demonstration Feature


Having a demonstration feature provides investors the chance to preview the platform before making a financial commitment.


In comparison, other available platforms don’t include one and assume that every investor that initiates a transaction is fully aware of the risks involved.


Registration Process


All users who wish to open an account are able to in under 10 minutes.


In comparison, the registration for all other platforms can be a lengthy process.


Initiating a Withdrawal


Initiating a withdrawal of your Bitcoin compass account is a fast process and is usually completed within a day.


In comparison, other platforms can take as long as a week in order to complete a withdrawal.


Depositing Funds


Bitcoin compass has a low minimum deposit amount of $250 for all new accounts that are opened.


In comparison, the minimum for other platforms can be double or even triple that of Bitcoin compass.

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Bitcoin compass Advantages


Easy to Understand – Bitcoin compass is easy to understand and requires no experience in order to utilize the platform. The way Bitcoin compass is arranged also makes it very navigational.


High Rate of Return – Having a high rate of return easily lets us know that we will be able to make profits every time that an investment is made.


Demonstration Feature – The platform’s demonstration feature enables all users to become familiar with Bitcoin compass without having to make a financial commitment. This way they know what to expect throughout the investment process.


Account Services – Account services at Bitcoin compass are 24/7. All account holders can contact account services no matter how big or small their issue seems.


Daily Amount That Account Holders Can Make


The amount that users can make daily is unlimited. The only factor that may determine the amount is the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Other than that, you may also make more if you invest a higher amount of deposit.

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Best Tips to Make Good Passive Income


Start out with small investments – Starting out small and making your way up is always a good idea when investing. This is what makes it great to see that the initial deposit amount is so low at $250. Just by investing the minimum you’ll be able to get it back doubled in a short amount of time.


Make withdrawals – To take full advantage of each investment it is best to withdrawal all profits that you make before reinvesting your principle amount.


Keep up to date on cryptocurrency announcements – When you keep up with what’s happening on the market will help you make better financial and investing choices.


Only invest money you have available – Investing what you have available is the safest bet because you won’t have to worry about any major losses since you won’t have more money that you began with.


Recent News Concerning Bitcoin compass


As you may have seen, there have been many claims that Bitcoin compass has appeared on various programs on TV where they are able to be viewed by millions. Luckily, after investigating these claims, it can be noted that the claims made are completely false as there is nothing that backs up the claims.


Although it may seem like a shock to some, it will probably not be the first bitcoin platform to try to persuade investors into thinking that it is better than what is already known about it.


Besides being falsely featured through TV, it has been discovered that false endorsements have also been claimed as being true. These claims make it appear as though celebrities such as Jamie Oliver, Richard Branson, Gordon Ramsay, and Bill Gates have all given their “stamp of approval” to Bitcoin compass although they have not.


When we dug deeper into these claims we discovered that third-party marketers were behind them for their own personal gain. This is a very misleading method to get business and it’s a shame that they would stoop so low to do it. Officially, there is a website for Bitcoin compass and if any seal of approval were made, it would be present within their site.

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Is a Mobile App Available for Bitcoin compass?


At the moment, Bitcoin compass does not offer an app to download. To invest, users must gain access from a normal computer browser or smartphone.


What It All Boils Down To


With everything considered, we have determined Bitcoin compass to be as authentic as you can imagine. It is able to be used by the least experienced investor with no problem and can provide profits on a daily level. With a high amount of responsiveness, Bitcoin compass is able to provide little to no risk that is highly seen among the markets. It is also safe to say that the platform is also among the safest around and strives to keep all user information protected.


Frequently Asked Questions


What does it mean by rate of return?


Rate of return is a percentage of the transactions that is calculated after all investment is completed and can determine the amount of gain.


Do any endorsements exist?


At the moment there are no endorsements for Bitcoin compass.


Is Bitcoin compass’s withdrawal system dependable?


Making withdrawals from your account is very dependable. As compared to other bitcoin platforms, a Bitcoin compass account holder has the freedom to make a withdrawal any time they feel like it. The platform also processes withdrawals super-fast and funds are available within a day.


Are affiliates associated with Bitcoin compass?


Bitcoin compass has no affiliation with affiliates as it is an automated platform for the sole purpose of cryptocurrency trading. All transactions are run by a robot that searches for the best trades possible so that profit can be made.

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What does it mean by Bitcoin?


A bitcoin is a digital currency that has no affiliation to any government body. Being decentralized also allows the bitcoin to remain independent from financial bodies. The bitcoin system works by decoding algorithms and then issuing the outcomes through the block chains associated with them.


Does it cost anything to open a Bitcoin compass account?


You are under no financial obligation if you want to open an account. The only requirement is the minimum deposit if you wish to make transactions.


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