Bitcoin Billionaire Review 2020 – Is it a Scam or Safe to Use?

Bitcoin billionaire is a website that has been generating much attention lately. People come with claims of massive returns from reasonably sized investments.

Of course, it is normal to be a little wary when considering a new investment opportunity.

Even more so if it’s a supposedly incredibly lucrative opportunity. These kinds of things exist, however, so do many fraudulent imposters.

At its core, this website is a platform that allows users to take advantage of trading algorithms designed to automate their trading patterns, with up to ninety percent of trades resulting in some level of profit.

Thanks to computer technology, these algorithms’ decisions are often faster than the markets can react, or so they claim.

If all of these claims and benefits hold, it would be a nearly revolutionary opportunity for those in the Know. However, will it measure up when it comes time to implement its strategies in the real world?

As long as you generate profits, it should all work out, but can you trust this platform?

Let’s delve deeper into the answer to that question. We will flesh out an overall perspective of the service platform to help you better evaluate what you think of it for yourself.

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By the end of this review, you’ll feel like a fully informed consumer who is ready to make their own decisions.

Bitcoin Billionaire: Full Review

The most important feature of the platform is the inclusion of an auto-trading automated algorithm.

This algorithm allows you to automate all of your portfolio’s trade decisions fully. Claims of up to 90% profitability greats on treating decisions seem to be substantiated by evidence.

Although the exact level of profits you could expect to generate may not match those advertised, you can expect to most likely generate at least some profit.

Their algorithm allows you to input your preferences so your personal preferences can shape your portfolio trading.

The most important thing people need to know is that they can withdraw their funds and receive them when they do.

Overall our initial impressions are that it seems to promise quite a bit. If they could deliver on what they promise, then it would be an amazing deal.

The only thing that is left to be seen is whether it will measure up to the test. Let’s find out.

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Is This A Legitimate Company?

Bitcoin itself has been around for over ten years already. This platform has been around for nearly as long, launching first in the year 2011.

Since then, they’ve operated continuously, and they have helped many cryptocurrency enthusiasts generate serious returns that have accumulated into substantial savings since the inception of the company.

Most importantly, you do not pay anything to use the platform. Most fraudulent companies will try to get your payment information when you sign up for the service.

You won’t have to worry about that with bitcoin billionaire.

While it is normal to be worried about whether or not companies are fraudulent within the crypto industry, it is not nearly as prevalent as mainstream media sources would like you to believe.

The vast majority of transactions that result in the loss of funds are because of user errors. Mistakes are commonly made when entering the wallets’ destination addresses to which they are trying to transfer money.

Unfortunately, cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, so if you accidentally send it to the wrong place and there is no way for you ever to get it back.

This has led many people to believe companies are fraudulently taking their money.

The truth of the matter is that they accidentally made a typo and did not verify before they hit the submit button when they were funding their accounts.

The money that they were trying to send never arrived in their accounts, and they have no way of tracing it or getting it back.

That’s why you need to follow proper procedures. Double-check the destination of any wallet addresses to which you are sending funds.

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What Are The Qualifications To Join?

Regulation of bitcoin trading is made by locality, so these services’ availability will depend on where you live.

If you live in an area where the service is legally available, signing up is very straightforward. Within three easy steps, you’ll be ready to get started and begin investing.

You do not need to have very much other than your driver’s license, and some other basic personal information to get signed up.

You do need to be of legal age to sign up for the website, and they will verify your age before you can invest.

On the web page, you’ll see a registration form, click on that link, and it will give you a step-by-step instruction guide on how to follow the process.

Once you’ve completed everything on that list, then you will be ready to get started investing.

Getting Started Investing

There are only three steps to beginning your investment to journey with this platform. You begin by registering; then, you will make a deposit, and finally, once it is time, you’ll withdraw your returns.

It is an incredibly simple process that anyone can do and only a few minutes on their phones.

At this point, you are probably pretty excited about trying out one of the many features that this platform seems to offer to its customers.

There are many strong claims that they will be able to provide significant returns for investors that they would not otherwise see with other investment platforms.

The structure of this platform is broken down into two main components.

There is a live trading component that allows you actually to earn real money in returns.

There is also demo trading, which is designed to allow beginner traders to try their hands at trading without any risk before jumping into the real markets.

Each has its benefits, but you need to ensure that you finished registering before using either one of them.

Registering An Account For The First Time

When you register an account, you will need to verify your identity with the website by uploading images of identifying documentation that is part of standard Know Your Customer procedures.

Once your identity and age have been verified by the verification processing center on the website, you’ll be ready to enter your account and begin taking advantage of all the amazing features they claim to offer.

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Depositing Your First Investment Funds

Now that you’re ready and have activated an account, which is fully verified, you can begin depositing your investment funds.

You cannot begin to make any returns on your investments if you do not put in something.

Do not put more in then you are comfortable losing.

Although the platform does have great success rates, it is not failure-proof. In the unlikely event that you lose your entire investment portfolio, you would not want it to wipe you out financially.

You can start investing in crypto by using demo trading without having to fund using any real money. You can just click on the demo trading tab, and you can begin there with however much you would like to invest.

On the other hand, if you are trying to invest real money to earn actual returns, you will need to find a place to convert your money into crypto current and then send that crimp to the into the wallet on the platform.

Once the funds have arrived in your wallet, you will be able to invest them; however, you choose to invest them.

Withdrawing Your Earnings To The Bank

Now all you have to do is sit back and wait.

If you decided to choose the automated trading options when you were finishing the initial registration process for your account, then you won’t have to do anything at all at this point.

You can watch the returns accumulate over time, and once you feel that you are ready for them to enter your bank account again, you can withdraw them using the simple withdrawal procedures detailed on the website.

Within only a few days, you’ll have the funds made available to you.

At this point, you can decide whether you would like to pocket the money or if you would like to reinvest the funds to generate even more returns in the future.

If you continually reinvest your money, that is one way that you can build up a sizable stream of nearly passive income.

Sometimes it can take up to a full week before you see the funds withdrawn to your bank.

However, typically cryptocurrency withdrawals will be much quicker because blockchain transactions are verified far more instantaneously.

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Live Trading Overview

They are trading platform offers two primary options for users to begin their trading experience. The live trading option offers you the ability to execute trades using your cryptocurrency funds.

These trades can be executed either automatically or manually. If you would like the algorithm to do the decision-making, you should choose the automated trading program option.

Otherwise, you can go with the manual option.

There are benefits to both of them. Now let’s look at the other main trading a feature: demo training.

Everyone needs to get into live trading if they spend time on this platform; otherwise, they are needlessly wasting time trading without any actual returns.

Although you need to understand how the markets function, it is also always going to be at least a little bit risky for you to invest in that should not deter you from trying it out.

Demo Trading

It can be nerve-racking trying to learn how to trade for the first time, especially if you are unfamiliar with it.

There is no need to worry because you can use the demo trading feature.

This is an amazing feature that allows you to get experience with real trades without risking any money. What more could you want as a rookie trader?

Benefits Of Live Trading

Live trading gives you the option to earn real returns on your investment by allowing the trading algorithm to regulate the trading activity on your account automatically, or you can try to test the algorithms to record yourself by switching to manual mode.

If you have a specific strategy that you believe will be successful, this is how you can implement it.

Either way, this option on their platform lets you get real returns on your investment by trading cryptocurrency.

Benefits Of Demo Trading

If you haven’t ever had any experience trading a cryptocurrency or other type of investment in the past; then, you may be best off starting with the demo trading platform.

This platform feature allows you to test out ideas you haven’t tried yet.

Many people who have limited trading experience enjoy having the option to try things out before risking their own hard-earned money.

We recommend that you check out this option before you try manual or automated trading to get a feel for things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

People still have many questions about how Bitcoin Billionaire functions.

The following frequently asked questions should help answer some of the lingering thoughts you may have.

Overall, bitcoin billionaire seems to be a reputable institution that utilizes cutting-edge technology to generate consistent returns for their clients.

How Does It Work?

You need to fund the account with the money that you have earned. You can deposit this into your account on the platform in the form of crypto. With this, you can then invest.

You can choose to have the algorithm built into the platform, automate your trading based on your personal preferences, or you can choose to have things run manually.

Once you’ve gotten enough returns that you feel comfortable withdrawing your money, you can initiate the withdrawal process.

How Long Do Withdrawals Take?

Sending funds from your wallet on the platform to your wallet on another platform is as simple as sending it from any other place.

All you need to have is the destination, and then typically, blockchain transactions are resolved within minutes. It’s one of the easiest ways for you to make seamless transactions across borders.

The transaction fees are typically fairly low, especially compared to conventional transporting fiat cash across borders.

What Currencies Can Be Traded On The Platform?

Bitcoin is the primary cryptocurrency that can be traded on the platform, but there is a wide range of available cryptocurrencies in which you can choose to invest.

‘Browse through their selection and decide which ones you feel are worth the time to check out.

How Difficult Is Trading Cryptocurrency?

Trading is not that difficult as long as you take your time to learn some of the basics. That is if you wish to become an active trader. It can be even easier than this.

If you are simply satisfied with the automated trading program results, you do not need to do anything other than sign up for an account.

Then the automated algorithm will take care of everything for you without any intervention.

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