Bishop Edir Macedo publishes video that associates Bitcoin with mark of the beast

Charlie Taylor

In a new video published on Instagram, Bishop Edir Macedo, founder of Universal Church and owner of RecordTV, associates Bitcoin with the beast's brand prophecy. In the last book of the Bible, in Revelation 13:16, a revelation is told that everyone will receive a certain mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, so that no one can buy or sell, unless the person has the mark, which is the name of the company. beast or his name number, 666. At the beginning of the video published by Macedo, which gathers more than 1.1 million followers on the social network, it is said that, due to the failures of banks and governments, a global currency system digital will overlap all banks and governments in the published on Bispo Edir Macedo's profileBitcoin is called "the first all-digital currency that has apparently beaten hackers" and the Blockchain for "software that makes this system work", however, the new technology would have a "mysterious and sinister" origin.

Created on Halloween

Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto chose precisely October 31, on Halloween, to publish his white paper.

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via GIPHY “Coincidence? I don't think so! ”Nakamoto was also responsible for creating the first block of the network, which became known as“ The Block of Genesis ”, according to the author of the video. Will Satoshi return to mine the Apocalypse Block? Although no one knows the creator of Bitcoin, he started an economic revolution, says the narrator of the video shared by the leader of Universal. “It is an accounting book without the need for trust”. However, anonymity in the network is an alarming fact for this “revolutionary technology that is said to transform everything”, he says. "Was it just a coincidence that it was given as a gift to the world on that fateful Halloween night, immediately after the 2008 financial crisis as a solution to prevent it from happening again?"

"If a trojan horse was ever given to the population, it must be the largest of all, but this time given to the entire population with consequences that can be even more devastating than those in the city of Troy," continues the narrator.

For the author of the video, those who are seeing the “greedy” acceptance of a technology in which the creator is not known and do not question themselves, “should not be thinking a bit.” Still according to the narrator, the reason why so many people are excited about blockchain, including him, is because it solves the problem of trust and intermediation, bringing back “a real, really honest, person-to-person economy.”

Blockchain technology is being used to register all citizens of the world

To meet a 2030 UN target, Microsoft and Accenture are collecting data from everyone in the world, according to the video's author. "Microsoft also announced in May 2019 that it is developing a global digital identification system based on the Bitcoin Blockchain network," he says. According to him, the "World Economy Committee is pulling this forward with the flow of all trade. "But while the blockchain is becoming known as something decentralized, the video warns:" It is being developed and implemented by a group of people, that their number is relatively small. "

"People who have access to blockchain in a way that normal users don't."

Therefore, if adopted en masse, power would go from the hands of banks to an even smaller group of people, says the narrator. The video also says that artificial intelligence is being promoted as a response to any failure that enters human-controlled systems.

“It is often said that this system does not require trust because it is infallible, but in fact it requires the highest form of trust. Total confidence in a system that we are told is infallible. But if it can be adjusted to deduct taxes, then someone, somewhere, has the ability to use and abuse it. This is exactly what Satan's plan and the mark of the beast involves. ”

However, amid various false and confusing information, the main one is that taxes could be automatically withdrawn from people's wallets to the government. The premise that led to the conclusion that Bitcoin could be associated with the mark of the beast is wrong. But the video continues, explaining that the BTC system encourages to eliminate the concept of trust and faith and replace it with “a simplistic acceptance human data recorder devoid of any moral element ".According to Edir Macedo's publication, Bitcoin seduces the user to believe that it will free itself from banks and governments, but will eventually lead people to" the largest totalitarian system in the history of the planet ”.

"One day, a false god, empowered by artificial intelligence, will demand that he be seen as the only source of life and trust him for our survival or we will face the greatest persecution the world has ever seen."

For the author of the video, Bitcoin is just the Trojan horse, a preparation of Satan to publicly manifest himself as the god of this world.With the video, which has more than 41,000 views on the bishop's profile, Edir Macedo spreads misinformation . But what is your opinion on the matter? Leave a comment below.

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