Binance France faces financial difficulties due to high operating costs


Binance has experienced a challenging year at its French subsidiary. Audited financial records for the period between November 2021 and December 2022 revealed a loss of €4 million.

However, the exchange remains optimistic for the future as it expects to reach profitability in 2023 with a full year of revenue and operations. In addition, Binance France has an impressive reserve of 1,000 million euros in crypto assets for its users. Despite the challenges in Europe, the platform is preparing to comply with the new regulations that will come into force in 2024.

Binance France financial challenges.

During the audited period, Binance France is facing financial difficulties due to high operating costs and the delay in obtaining regulatory approval to start operations. Total expenses amounted to 14 million euros, while the revenue generated only reached 10 million euros.

This loss of 4 million euros was due to the fact that the company was only able to generate income during six of the 14 months of expensesas they had to wait until mid-2022 for approval from the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF).

Although these results are disappointing, Binance France remains confident in the possibility of turning a profit in 2023, once it has a full year of revenue to offset its operating costs.

Binance France Crypto Asset Reserve.

Despite financial difficulties, Binance France has a significant reserve of crypto assets, approximately €1 billion, for its users. However, the audit did not provide a detailed breakdown of the cryptocurrencies in this reserve.

They were mentioned as holding $7 million worth of USDT, but the rest of the digital assets were not specified in the report. Although RSM Paris, the leading provider of auditing services, cautioned that it cannot ensure the “sincerity and consistency” of the information provided, this reserve still represents a solid asset base for Binance France users.

Regulatory challenges in Europe.

Although Binance France remains optimistic about its prospects in France, the outlook in other European countries presents challenges. The exchange has struggled to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals to operate in markets such as the Netherlands, Cyprus, and the United Kingdom, among others.

However, Binance is responding to these challenges by adjusting its approach to comply with the upcoming Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulations that will come into force in 2024. MiCA will establish a regulatory and licensing framework for the cryptocurrency industry in Europe, and Binance is working to align with these new regulations.

To end.

Binance France has faced financial difficulties, but its confidence in the possibility of profit in 2023 and its solid reserve of 1,000 million euros in crypto assets offer hopeful prospects. While facing regulatory challenges in some European countries, the company is taking steps to adapt to upcoming industry regulations.

Binance France’s experience highlights the ups and downs that cryptocurrency companies face in an ever-evolving financial environment, but their ability to adjust and respond to regulatory changes may be key to their long-term success in the competitive European cryptocurrency market.

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