Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Says Kevin O’Leary Is a Liar


After the fall of FTX, a Controversial Clash Between Shark Tank Member Kevin O’Leary and Binance CZ CEO It has taken place after it was revealed that O’Leary himself had received 15 million dollars from FTX to promote the services of the platform among the community of followers of the renowned businessman.

O’Leary blames Binance for FTX collapse.

Recently FTX investor and paid spokesperson Kevin O’Leary at a senate banking committee hearing He claimed that Binance is to blame for the fall of FTX, pointing out that one of the determining factors in the collapse of the platform was the purchase intention on the part of Changpeng Zhao which in the end ended up being a factor that created mistrust in the crypto investor community.

Answer by Changpeng Zhao on CNBC.

Recently in an interview on CNBC, the head of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, called Kevin O’Leary a liar, according to a 28-second clip shared yesterday by Watcher.Guru. “I think Kelvin is a liar,” CZ told CNBC. “So I think he’s lying about a lot of things.”

CZ also expresses his dissatisfaction with the well-known television personality for using his influence to promote a platform with shaky foundations, Kevin O’Leary, who has been characterized throughout his career by carrying out great analyzes of various companies.

In conclusion.

CZ took the opportunity to talk about the increase in withdrawals for rumors of a money laundering trial and the distrust of the latest reserve tests shown by the auditing company Mazars. During the last interview, CZ assured that users have nothing to fear as the exchange has their reserves complete and they are 100% supported.

All this taking into account that the number of withdrawals rises to 3 billion dollars in the last week according to data from the cryptanalysis firm Nansen.

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