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This is how investments in small farms contribute to reduced hunger and sustainable food production

Published: December 6, 2022, 10:26 a.m. Updated: December 9, 2022, 3:46 p.m.TV Malin Flemström. Photo: The Hunger Project. Th Lizeta Dianda. Photo Sophie Garcia. Despite many advances, world hunger has continued to increase in recent years; behind the development are, among other things, increased conflicts, climate change, economic instability and the pandemic. The Hunger Project is working to reverse that trend. – Over 800 million people live in hunger today – nutritious food is too expensive and resources are distributed unequally, says Malin Flemström, CEO of The Hunger Project Sweden. Chronic hunger entails a number of negative consequences that are not are always obvious at first glance. It affects people’s well-being, health and work capacity, as well as the development of both children and entire societies. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, says Malin Flemström. – Famine is an acute condition that affects already vulnerable communities characterized by hunger. It is only when we end chronic hunger, and create the conditions for resilient societies, that we can prevent more famine disasters. Today, over 3 billion people cannot afford nutritious food, while up to a third of all food produced is never eaten, partly due to food waste in households, partly due to food losses during or after harvest or in processing processes. – This is a de facto system error. Most of the people who live in hunger are those who produce the food – the small farmers. They must be given the right conditions to sustainably produce nutritious food that is sufficient for themselves and their own communities, as well as for others. Targeted investments have a sustainable effectMalin Flemström gives examples of several measures that can bring us closer to a more sustainable global food production. In addition to the fact that the small farmers need to be able to cultivate varied crops so as not to deplete the soil, they must also have control and power over both their land and their work processes. In addition, they need access to modern technology and infrastructure, as well as knowledge of climate adaptation and farming techniques to face climate change. – Targeted investments can contribute to this, for example investing in small-scale agriculture. Such investments play a crucial role both for small farmers and for the global food system. Increased profit when the market is readyThe result of such an investment is the business that small farmer Lizeta Dianda runs in Burkina Faso – so-called “warrantage”. This means that credits are granted with grain in secure warehouses as collateral. The system has brought about a big positive change for the farmers in the area. On the one hand, they make more money, as they can store products until prices rise, and on the other hand, they can store the surplus of their harvest to reduce wastage. Lizeta was trained in the operations of The Hunger Project. In order for the method to be adopted by more people, awareness of the business and how it would benefit the small farmers first needed to increase. – A relative of mine had strong doubts at the beginning. I managed to convince her and she decided to try. That year, the business was so profitable for her that she is now one of the biggest practitioners in the area, says Lizeta. When asked what “warrantage” has brought to her life, she is emphatic. – The business has been very beneficial for me. Thanks to my savings, I have started a business that allows me to support my family. Read more and invest in The Hunger Project The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with The Hunger Project and not an article by Dagens industri

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