Best-of-breed is more cost-effective

Charlie Taylor

Published: 30 May 2022, 15:13In a changing world, retail companies need to be able to quickly adjust and change their IT structure when needed. Getting stuck can be costly. – Technology is developing faster than ever while a lot is happening in the outside world, says Robert Karlsson, CEO of Cash IT. Those in the retail trade who managed the pandemic best could quickly switch and offer their goods in a new way. They had a flexible IT structure that allowed for changes, and that’s how we at Cash IT work when we design cash register systems and payment solutions for different store chains.Everything is simplified with real-time integrationsRobert has for 20 years worked to integrate the most used business systems on the market with various payment solutions and the in-house developed cash system Cash IT Retail. – When a retail company can integrate its physical store with e-commerce, business systems and checkout systems in real time, a lot of time and money is saved. Administration and accounting will be easier while customers get better service and employees a simpler everyday life. For example, the stock balance can always be kept up to date and the website shows directly which goods are available online and in store. Administrators can adjust prices in both e-commerce and store at the touch of a button. Best-of-breed is a prerequisiteAs the technological innovations take turns quickly, Cash IT has niched itself in constantly keeping track of the latest. The strategy they work by is best-of-breed. – In short, it means that customers should be able to pick the raisins out of the cake and choose the best systems from different suppliers and put them together into their own whole. It provides the most flexibility and the lowest total cost of ownership. If you buy all systems from a supplier, you often pay for functions that are not needed or paint themselves in a corner where it becomes difficult to connect new functions. In order to be able to apply best-of-breed fully, the systems need to be integrated with each other from the start. If consultants have to be involved to tailor the integrations, the point is lost. Instead of saving money, consulting costs are ticking away. Therefore, suppliers must be chosen with care. Interchangeable technology is a sign of qualityCompletely crass, interchangeable technology is good technology. Then it is possible to build on, scale down or change the company’s IT structure as needed. – Being able to quickly switch on or off different systems is a sign of quality. Then the developer is in control. At Cash IT, our business concept is to offer optimal and turnkey solutions to be able to give customers just this flexibility. It is most cost-effective in the long run, concludes Robert Karlsson.Read more about Cash IT’s solutions here.About Cash IT
Cash IT delivers the latest value-added technology to stores and retail chains to increase their efficiency, profitability and competitiveness. With cash register systems and payment solutions that are integrated in real time with business systems, Cash IT ensures that physical commerce and e-commerce go together seamlessly. Visit Cash IT’s website here. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Cash IT and not an article by Dagens industri

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