Becomex grows 30% in 2020 and targets the automotive, oil and gas and agribusiness segments

Charlie Taylor

Becomex, a technology and business knowledge company that uses innovation to deal with tax challenges, with a wide presence in the entire production chain, showed a 30% growth in its business last year, jumping from a turnover of R $ 79 million in 2019 to R $ 103 million.
To achieve good results, Becomex adapted its structure and changed its culture to meet all service offerings, investing in people, processes and management, three fundamental pillars during the year 2020 that made the company more assertive, efficient and productive .
“If there is a perfect way to assess the brilliance of a team, it is to face the severe and unprecedented crisis that started in March 2020 and end the year with the unmistakable certainty of victory. We transformed a period that promised to be lost in a positively extraordinary business year, when we positioned Becomex at a different level from all companies in its segment ”, evaluates Marcos Bregantim, Becomex CEO.
Becomex grows 30% in 2020 and targets the automotive, oil and gas and agribusiness segmentsMarcos Bregantim, CEO of Becomex.


Becomex had a strong presence in the Special Regimes, such as Drawback Exemption, Drawback Suspension and Intermediate Drawback, which are traditionally the flagship of the company. However, two good highlights of the company's growth in 2020 were Recof, with more than ten new accounts and Trade Compliance, with a result 100% higher than in 2019.Alter 2

Actions during a pandemic year

To combat the challenges that the pandemic brought to its business, Becomex created a “Pandemic Crisis Management Committee”, which consisted of daily meetings focused on two principles: looking at the Business and looking at the People.
Since then, the company has been developing actions and their sum contributes: to the engagement of all employees, in Becomex's positive result without dismissals, without reducing salaries and even anticipating bonuses.
“We offer the maximum amount of information to all of our team and, with transparency, we get greater motivation from everyone involved. As a result, small achievements came and the formula was proving to be assertive with billing in an upward curve ”, says Bregantim.

Outlook for 2022

Becomex has a leadership group composed of six people, which assesses the market, its opportunities, needs and directs the company to the best path, always aiming to recognize and value human capital and customers.Alter 2
In 2022 the company estimates a total investment of around R $ 10 million, distributed in Processes, Technologies and People. And it begins a cycle of five years, which foresees an ambitious growth of 200% or more until 2025, reaching a turnover of around R $ 300 million.
The Automotive, Oil and Gas and Agribusiness segments will be Becomex's focus this year. With them, the company plans four main vectors for growth, always looking at the entire production chain: Recof / Repetro, Trade Compliance, Business Collaboration Chain and Intermediate Drawback.
Becomex believes that its results can be achieved with its operations in Brazil, but it is prepared for opportunities in other markets, mainly in the Mercosur region.

The Becomex post grows 30% in 2020 and targets the automotive, oil and gas and agribusiness segments first appeared in 1 Billion Financial Education.Alter 2

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