Become a CoinEx ambassador and get great rewards for it!


CoinEx recently announced through its official accounts on social networks, the proposal of “CoinEx Ambassadors (Special Futures Program)” that was born with the aim of introduce futures trading to all investors planning to trade cryptocurrencies.

But… What does it mean to be a CoinEx ambassador?

The ambassadors present themselves as indirect partners of the platform whose function is to promote the advantages that CoinEx offers in terms of the exchange of digital assets and the wide variety of services it can offer in its ecosystem made up of 5 other digital platforms.

In exchange for this, CoinEx ambassadors can enjoy great benefits ranging from earnings of 50% of the transaction fees generated by users who have registered with the referral link, to a wide repertoire of resources, VIP tools and access to investment opportunities in advance.

Why apply as an ambassador in the “special futures program”?

All CoinEx ambassadors this time they can get up to 60% of the commissions generated in the transactions of people who have registered with CoinEx with your referral link, thus giving you the possibility of obtaining a secure return even in bear markets.

You’ll also be able to enjoy a futures proof fund, free CoinEx merchandise, and holiday gifts.

How to become a CoinEx ambassador?

This program will last 3 months. from July 21, 2022 to October 21, 2022 in which you can be eligible if you have at least 3,000 followers in any of your personal accounts on social networks or if, on the contrary, you stand out as a community leader at the head of groups with more than 500 members related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

To apply as an ambassador you must fill out a form on the official CoinEx page; luckily we have brought it for you so you can speed up your entry to one of the fastest growing cryptoactive trading platforms today.

If you don’t have a CoinEx account you can create one with the following link!


Do you already have a CoinEx account?


Once you fill out the application form and it is approved you will receive a welcome email from CoinEx.

Apply now, good luck!

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