BC notified Access for money laundering risk on Binance, says Folha

Charlie Taylor

The series of problems that Binance faces in Brazil and which led it to block customer withdrawals for two weeks began with a notification from the Central Bank of Access – banking partner in the broker’s operation – about a high risk of money laundering in operations. and demanding detailed information about customers. The information is from a report by Folha de S. Paulo published this Wednesday (13). each Binance customer in the country. Acesso is a partner of Capitual, which until then acted as Binance’s payment processor in Brazil. While Capitual acted as a mediator of the operations, it was the Acesso bank that, in practice, made withdrawals and deposits in reais possible for the brokerage firm. was the target of the requirement to individually identify all customers — which includes Binance users — following Circular 3,978/20 obligations. name of clients, where they work, how much they earn and what type of transaction they do on the platform.Binance chose not to comply with the obligations made to the Acesso bank and identify who its clients are and their transactions, a practice defended by the Central Bank as necessary to combat illegal activities such as money laundering with cryptocurrencies. It was on Binance, for example, that “Bitcoin Pharaoh” Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, the now-imprisoned leader of the GAS Consultoria financial pyramid, allegedly laundered money. To circumvent this obligation, Binance changed partners in Brazil and started using the services of Latam Gateway, which has its operations with real made possible by Banco BS2 (formerly Banco Bonsucesso). To Bitcoin Portal, Binance sent a note stating that it “is not a customer of Access and that it has never been informed of any request from the Central Bank for individualization of accounts”. The exchange also claims that it has “robust processes to ensure the crypto ecosystem is secure for all users.” The company’s communication also says that it is “a leader in the world in the process of obtaining specific licenses for crypto” and that “it maintains constant dialogue with authorities from several other countries in the same direction, including Brazil, which demonstrates the company’s total commitment. company with the development of regulation of the sector”.

The dispute between Binance and Capitual

After all the confusion between Binance and its former partners Capitual and Banco Acesso, the brokerage company filed a lawsuit that is being processed under judicial secrecy.According to Folha de S. Paulo, in this process Binance accuses Capitual of using the BC to “take over” its customers by requiring Binance to hand over customer data to open individual checking accounts at the institution, as the only way to fulfill the request. Binance says in the lawsuit that, as an international broker, it would not be able to get permission from its superiors outside Brazil within 45 days — a deadline given by the BC — to follow the obligations. As a result of this process, just over R$450 millions of Binance customers are blocked by the court, which accepted a request from the brokerage against Capitual. The arm wrestling revolves around legal issues: Capitual has already expressed itself saying that it intends to return the money, but that for this Binance needs obtain written authorization from each client, or take out a surety bond. Capitual states that, without these guarantees, it could be sued in the future – as provided for in the Consumer Defense Code – and end up being sentenced to pay amounts to clients of Binance, even if you have already returned the money in full to the exchange previously.\r\n window.uolads.push({id: \”banner-970×250-area-1\” });\r\n \r \n

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