BB Investimentos discloses portfolio 5+ for February; PETR4 and WEGE3 remain

Charlie Taylor

BB Investimentos released on Friday (29) its recommended portfolio of 5+ shares, according to a document sent to the market.
Petrobras (PETR4) and Weg (WEGE3) remained in the management portfolio. Eneva (ENEV3), Lojas Quero Quero (LIQQ3) and Portobello (PTBL3) entered. B3 (B3SA3), BTG Pactual (BPAC11) and Magazine Luiza (MGLU3) were removed from the portfolio.
BB Investimentos discloses portfolio 5+ for February; PETR4 and WEGE3 remain


According to analysts at BB Investimentos, the Ibovespa trend for February remains undefined. This is because after renewing historical maxims in January, the index weakens and loses indicative.
“For February, Ibovespa shows an undefined trend, but with a greater possibility of downward bias. The index renewed its historical record in the first week of the month, with the inflow of foreign capital, but, soon afterwards, it followed a downward trend, which was accentuated in the last ten years, ”said the manager.Alter - Cryptoback
And he added: “if, on the one hand, the initiation of vaccination against coronavirus was considered a beneficial fact, on the other, the lockdown implemented in several European countries was seen as unfavorable due to the increase in cases in the pandemic, which brought the perception of a probable global growth lower than before was expected by the market for 2022. ”
BB Investimentos discloses portfolio 5+ for February; PETR4 and WEGE3 remain


The Ibovespa closed at 115,067 points on January 29, accumulating -3.32% in the month (and in the year) and + 1.12% in 12 months, marking a new historic closing high of 125,076 pts, on the 8th. expectation remains at the target of 130,000 pts for the index this year – a potential for appreciation of 12.98%. It is worth mentioning that the fourth quarter results season and the closing of the balance sheets for companies in 2020 are now starting, which may lead to a review of the objective of the index mentioned above.
“Initially, the management strategy was to recompose portfolios into more liquid shares, but it lost strength throughout January, not yet giving an opportunity for recovery to the papers that suffered the most as a result of the pandemic, which remained mostly discounted. since the end of February 2020 ”, stressed the investment bank.
Wallet 5+
According to BB, in January, Portfolio 5+ changed + 1.03% in January compared to -3.32% of the Ibovespa (+4.35 p.p. differential in relation to the reference index). In 12 months, Portfolio 5+ accumulated + 25.0% versus + 1.1% of Ibovespa (+23.9 p.p. differential over the benchmark).Alter - Cryptoback
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