Battle for Life Announces Token Release on PancakeSwap


Battle for Life (BFL) Battle for Life, a new 'play-to-earn' game where users earn cryptocurrencies when playing, if…

Battle for Life content announces release of Token on PancakeSwap first appeared in Cointimes .

Battle for Life (BFL)

Battle for Life, a new game in the 'play-to-earn' model (play to win) where users earn cryptocurrencies when playing, is getting ready for its official launch on the market next Wednesday (5th) with the start of sales of the BFL token on the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange.

Aiming to become the “new Axie Infinity” of the cryptocurrency market, Battle for Life seeks to impact the blockchain gaming sector with its battle royale inspired by science fiction elements, in addition to delivering extra income to users with the reward system in cryptocurrencies.

In recent days the game broke sales records in the first batch of NFTs made available on the official website . NFTs represent in-game avatars and have 3 rarity levels: common, rare and legendary.

Until January 4th, the BFL token is available in the private sale phase on the platform, where investors can purchase the BFL token in advance, with a maximum limit of 1000 dollars per person.

The official launch of the game (farm mode) is also scheduled for January 5th, along with Scholarship Mode, in which users will be able to make their NFTs available to "students", in a model that provides account rentals for those who do not have the resources to the initial investment required in the game.

Battle for Life was developed using Binance Smart Chain (BSC) technology and, according to the game's marketing director, Rayan Cruz, intends to become a disruptive project in the play to earn game market.

The blockchain game market grew at an accelerated pace in 2021 and is still a strong trend for 2022, according to analysts in the cryptocurrency market. However, the cryptoactives in this sector are still considered high risk investments by the most conservative analysts.

Therefore, do your own research to understand if an NFT-based game will fit into your investment portfolio. You can find additional information on the game's official website at .

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Battle for Life content announces release of Token on PancakeSwap first appeared in Cointimes .

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