Baleia moves 740 bitcoins stopped since 2012

Charlie Taylor

A whale woke up on Monday (12) and moved 740 bitcoins from a wallet that had been inactive since early 2012 — when the cryptocurrency was worth around US$ 5. However, considering the price on the day of transfer, it was US $24.4 million (R$126 million) — an appreciation of 660,000%. The data shows that the address received 740 bitcoins on May 31, 2012 and another 50 BTCs 15 days later. There are 51 BTCs left at the address. The resurgence of the whale — a term referring to a wallet that holds large amounts of cryptocurrencies — was first identified by Twitter's profile Whale Alert, which tracks big moves across multiple blockchains. Another point that draws attention is the extremely low cost paid to transact the million dollar amount on the bitcoin network. The whale paid only 0.00000253 BTC fee, which is equivalent to R$0.40. The person or institution behind the address is unknown. However, the period in which the portfolio was created and the inactivity in the following years, suggest that it may be a forgotten portfolio of some of the first bitcoin holders. It was also not possible to identify the destination of the transaction — that is: it is not known whether the assets were liquidated or just reallocated for security reasons. Another interesting point is that the portfolio was regularly receiving hundreds of satoshis in thousands of transactions. The crypto community tends to keep an eye on the movements of the great whales as they can reverberate in the currency price if there is a large token dump on the market. However, in the hours following the transfer of the whale, the price of bitcoin remained stable and only dropped this Tuesday morning. The negative performance of the currency continues in the afternoon and down 1.3%, the BTC is trading at R$ 32,700, according to CoinMarketCap. A case very similar to what happened this week was also seen last month. On June 1st, another whale that had been dormant for nine years withdrew BRL 162 million in bitcoin from a dormant wallet since 2012.

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