“Axie Infinity looks like a pyramid,” says youtuber Rato Borrachudo on Flow Podcast

Charlie Taylor

The Axie Infinity game was one of the subjects of the 435 edition of the Flow Podcast, which aired on Monday (9th). Presented by youtubers Monark and Igor 3k, the program received the youtuber Douglas Mesquita, creator of the ‘Rato Borrachudo’ channel, which has 3.7 million subscribers. In the video, he and the presenters labeled the game a “pyramid scheme.” Before, however, Mesquita released the first comments about the game based on blockchain and NFTs, when the theme of the time was games, and told about his experience with the Axie, as shown in the Cuts of Flow on Youtube. “What are you playing at home, playing dumb?”, asked Igor. “I'm playing a game that cost me R$8,000,” said Mesquita. Monark reacted quickly: “Ah, I know what it is; Pokémon business isn't it?. Mesquita said no, that it was a “card game”. Despite having been playing Axie Infinity for just a few days, Mesquita knew how to explain a little about how the game works and revealed that he has “a plant and two fish”, which are the characters in NFT. “I fell on this parachute f***,” explained the interviewee. “The game is boring; but it gives money”, said Mesquita, adding that it is possible to earn around R$ 5,000 to R$ 6,000 a month if the game is good, even as a beginner.

"Pyramid scheme"

The ‘Rato Borrachudo’ ended up being unanswered when asked if the system worked like a pyramid, as the platform needs new participants to grow the ecosystem and generate revenue. “Do you lose in any way?” asked Monark; "No," replied Mesquita, to which Monark retorted: "And where does so much money come from?" “You probably mine”, ventured Igor, undecided, in front of Mesquita, showing himself to be totally unfamiliar at Axie Infinity. Mesquista didn't know how to answer: “Man, that's it. I can't explain it to you because I haven't really researched where the recipe comes from. “It can only be a pyramid scheme,” commented Igor. “It sure is,” amended Monark. Mesquita, who also said that “it was obvious that the business is a pyramid scheme”, took the opportunity to say that he was not recommending the game. “Don't put your money in this shit. If you do, it's at your own risk”. About the NFTs fever, Mesquita said he is thinking of auctioning off his first video, but only “for a jackpot”, since, according to him, it is the “first gameplayer to be successful in Brazil”; “There's history!”, concluded the owner “Rato Borrachudo”, who has 3.7 million followers on Youtube.

Axie Infinity, the game

The Axie Infinity game is based on the Ethereum network and currently requires between R$ 6 thousand and R$ 8 thousand — in ethereum — to assemble a team of 3 Axies. Although complicated to begin with, since there are other platforms that must be connected to the game, Axie is just a simple monster battle game, which even resembles Pokémon. However, the inclusion of cryptocurrencies makes the game much more profitable than Pokémon, encouraging players to spend and, with any luck, win.

reward dropped

The new season of Axie Infinity, released on Monday (9) brought an important change that will displease many players: the rewards have dropped by half, according to official announcement of the company behind the game (Sky Mavis). Until then, the user who did the basic missions every day earned 150 Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens, being 100 SLP in adventure mode and 50 SLP in daily missions. The rewards in both modes now drop to 50 SLP and 25 SLP, respectively. SLPs form the player's revenue within the platform and can be exchanged for ethereum, or fiat currency, depending on which exchange the funds are transferred to.

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