Ava Labs announced the release of Core, the operating system to take Avalanche to the next level


Ava Labs, the platform that has developed Avalanche Network (AVAX) has just announced the launch of Core, a free browser extension that has been created with the purpose of improving accessibility for users quickly and safely to Avalanche services.

Through this Chrome extension you can enjoy a superior Web3 experience with direct access to different dApps, NFT gallery, bridges between various blockchain networks and much more from Avalanche.

What is Core?

Simplification is a very important factor in the crypto world, which is why Avalanche has decided to boost its technology with Core that It comes as an all-in-one operating system that brings together Avalanche apps, subnets, bridges, and NFTs into a seamless, high-performance browser experience.

This operating system enables better performance of Avalanche features and improves processes to minimize the number of clicks required to complete an action.

What benefits does Core bring to the Avalanche ecosystem?

Allows the connection between different blockchains to connect your bitcoin with other different networks.
It offers easy and fast exchange for hundreds of tokens with ParaSwap technology.
You can buy digital assets with just a few clicks from the Core extension using MoonPay technology.
It has compatibility with one of the best hardware wallets today, ledger.
It gives you the possibility to create your own investment portfolio to see the updated price of your digital assets at all times.
It shows you an NFT section so you can easily and quickly manage your non-fungible tokens.
Native support for subnets including DFK and Swimmer with dynamic support coming soon.
You can create a contact list to save trusted addresses that you use frequently and thus speed up processes.
It allows you to create several portfolios within your own account with different addresses if you want to divide your investments, all with the same recovery phrase.

Enjoy a unique Web3 experience in the world!


If you want to receive specialized support You can visit the Avalanche community in Spanish, which is doing a great job on the Telegram platform to bring up-to-date and beneficial information for users. who use the Avalanche blockchain or present themselves as investors in the project.

Join the Avalanche group in Spanish and contact the administrators directly!


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