Atlas Quantum publishes data for all customers with balances in bitcoin, real and dollar

Charlie Taylor

Atlas Quantum, a cryptocurrency platform that has not released withdrawals to investors since 2019, leaked a list with customer data, containing balances in bitcoin, reais and dollars, as well as emails. The document was attached to the R$ 3.2 billion lawsuit that the company filed last week against the Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM). The action, which runs in the Federal Court of São Paulo, is public. In the list, with 761 pages, there is confidential information of thousands of customers injured by the company, which responds to around 800 lawsuits in the São Paulo Courts alone. Some names are known in the market and have already been made public, so the article will mention them. One of the cases is the journalist Marcelo Tas, who was a poster boy for Atlas and took a default of around R$ 800 thousand. There is information from well-known former employees, such as former directors Emília Malgueiro Campos and Bruno Peroni, famous for promoting and defending the company until they were fired. The document also contains e-mails and balances from entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency sector, 'powerful' clients of construction companies and even civil servants from state and municipal governments.

legal opinion

Attorney Artêmio Ferreira Picanço, known in the cryptocurrency market for the hundreds of lawsuits he has against Atlas Quantum, said in the morning for the report that the list could violate Brazilian legislation on data. “Within this action, an attachment was placed with e-mails and customer balances to prove that these balances existed. This goes against the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (LGPD)”. The LGPD entered into force in 2020 and establishes guidelines for the privacy of Brazilians' data. The lawyer Bruno Max Müller Torres, from Colhado Advocacia, from Curitiba (PR), said that, at least in a superficial analysis of the case, there are no problems with the leak. "My understanding is that it does not hurt the LGDP, precisely because the legislation allows the processing of data for purposes of regular exercise of law in legal proceedings, both for personal data and for sensitive personal data." "It remains to be questioned, however, whether it would be essential to insert this attachment with e-mails and customer values ​​so that the purpose of the process is reached and the right is actually exercised".

what does the defense say

Contacted by the Bitcoin Portal report to comment on the matter, lawyer Danilo Palinkas Anzelotti, responsible for the defense of Atlas Quantum, declined to comment. "We don't talk about ongoing cases, it's our office policy, unfortunately I can't give you more information."


In the lawsuit filed against CVM last week, Atlas Quantum asks the Court to annul the stop order issued in August 2019. to offer bonds or collective investment contracts. In a note, the CVM said that it is monitoring the developments in the case, but would not "make additional comments". Since 2019, Atlas Quantum has been swindling its customers with false promises to pay. This year, the platform started offering abusive deals to investors, but, as usual, it didn't pay anyone.

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