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The business’s most important assets data and knowledge – must be protected

Published: 24 May 2022, 09:00 Updated: 30 May 2022, 17:38Phishing, malware, ransomware are words that many in recent times have unfortunately had to learn. These are different types of data breaches with the purpose of stealing information or locking in data to make the affected party pay large ransoms. Something that only increases. – It is possible to protect yourself without reducing productivity, says Robin Jönsson, Solutions Sales HP in the Nordic region. Unfortunately, one needs to prepare for data breaches and the first step is to raise the issue. – We see that there are more attacks and that it becomes increasingly costly with both redemption and restoring a computer park for those who are exposed. The challenges we face are common to the entire industry, says Robin Jönsson. The three most common attacks are phishing where you try to access sensitive information such as card numbers and passwords. Malware where malicious code or file tries to enter a computer or server to take over the machine and the similar Ransomware that encrypts files or locks computers in order to get a ransom. Robin Jönsson and his team see 350,000 new malware created every day. Where the most common way for attackers to get in is via email, a route that 92 percent of all attack attempts take. – Unfortunately, the biggest security threat is us users who open and click on things we should not and the job computer is the battlefield. Because email is a common way in for hackers, this is where we need to protect ourselves, he says. Different ways to protectPreviously, there was a lot of talk about high security reducing productivity because it requires complicated logins and other security functions, but that is no longer the case, says Robin Jönsson. – We have taken a big step forward when it comes to protecting our devices and customers’ data. Something I do not think is top of mind with our customers yet. What we do is that all attachments are opened in a virtual environment outside the computer, using an isolation technology. The attachment may contain malicious code but it will not pass on to your client because the attachment is virtually isolated from the computer, he says. The service is called HP SureClick and means that the system detects an intrusion attempt and stops it automatically. Since many attachments must be opened, such as an HR department that needs to look at the CV, you can not exclude attachments but must instead protect the data. Which HP SureClick does. In the same way, the security application protects against Phising. The system detects when a page saves information, then the user receives a warning across the entire screen page not to disclose any information. – You get the response immediately without delay. And that’s a big advantage because it usually takes 100 days to detect an intrusion. Our application can also be used on all Windows clients, regardless of PC manufacturer. – We have gone from a reactive security system to becoming proactive. I really believe in that. We contribute to a great benefit and block a risk that exists in the market and the computer user does not have to worry. I usually say that a good system takes care of itself.Big data and AI predict the futureLeaning back is not for Robin Jönsson and his colleagues at HP Solutions. – We have our version of an antivirus program that is based on Big data with an AI engine and a team that only works to understand what the threat will look like in the future. There is never a time to sit back. We must continue to develop these systems just as we develop our technological innovation, he concludes. Facts: HP creates innovative solutions to simplify and improve for everyone, everywhere. The product portfolio consists of hardware and software in a variety of product areas such as printers, computers, monitors and 3D printers. Read more about our security solutions here Or contact: Robin Jö[email protected]+46703671498 The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with HP and not an article by Dagens industri

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