America is afraid of an uncontrolled influx of immigrants. The law allowing them to be deported expires


photo. Thanks to the Title 42 regulation – introduced during the pandemic by Donald Trump – the US authorities have gained a tool that allows the immediate expulsion of some immigrants – theoretically for public health reasons. On May 11, the state of health emergency introduced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic ends nationwide, so Title 42 also officially expires.

Thousands of migrants are already flocking to the southern US border

They are waiting for the regulation to expire, which has so far effectively prevented them from entering the country of their dreams. Most nomads come from Venezuela, although there are people from Guatemala, Ecuador, Cuba and Colombia. The US has tried to prevent this type of situation by setting up regional processing centers in Colombia and Guatemala so that people can apply for asylum on the spot without having to undertake the grueling and dangerous journey across Central America and Mexico. To no avail… Despite the efforts made, the streets of border towns are still filled with migrants who believe in the American dream. Everyone is convinced that from Thursday, if they manage to enter the US, they will be able to apply for asylum before an immigration judge and will not be immediately deported, as has been the case until now. However, contrary to what many believe, access Entering the country will be more difficult because illegal border crossings will be punished under the tough Title 42 rules that President Joe Biden intends to introduce (while expanding the legal immigration program). The new regulations establish tougher sanctions for those who continue to attempt to illegally enter the US. In addition, the White House has announced that it will send 1,500 troops to the border areas to support administrative efforts. Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder explained to the media that the troops would concentrate on administrative tasks and would not have direct contact with immigrants. The soldiers “will not perform law enforcement functions or interact with immigrants. Thanks to this, Border Patrol officers will be able to perform their duties,” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed the information provided by the Pentagon.

Title 42 has expelled more than 2.7 million migrants since it came into force in 2020

Progressive Democrats, critics of Donald Trump’s migration policy, are happy that he will soon go down in history, pointing out that he prevented many immigrants from seeking asylum after arriving on American soil, which is a right that is theirs. Republicans, for their part, believe it has been a very useful border control tool and have (in vain) advocated turning Title 42 into law so that it can be used after the pandemic is over. next Wednesday, the day before the end of Title 42, and will remain there for 90 days. The road to this place was not easy. Until mid-2022, the Biden administration defended this immigration provision, asserting that it served to contain the coronavirus, despite the fact that a significant number of experts questioned the effectiveness of this regulation in the context of fighting the virus. When last April the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) declared that deporting immigrants from the country had no health grounds, the White House announced the end of Title 42. Meanwhile, although it is thousands of miles from the border, the end of Title 42 will also have consequences for New York and other major cities, to which buses full of illegal migrants transported from Texas and Arizona arrived only in the last few months. This week, New York City Mayor Eric Adams expressed dissatisfaction with the Biden administration’s immigration policies, which he says are failing to address the challenges faced by cities like his. The mayor of New York noted that he spends $10 million a day on immigrants for: housing, health care and social services. He also emphasized that he has been asking for financial assistance, resources and federal support for a long time, but Washington has been silent. The city is now preparing for the next wave of immigrants without knowing how it will deal with the humanitarian crisis. Source: la razó

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