January 21, 2022

Alter offers bitcoin cashback via Visa card

Alter Bank, creator of the first “crypto account” in Brazil, launched its cashback in bitcoin through the altercard, an international card that allows purchases using your btc balance at Alter.
The novelty is called Criptoback, with it you can automatically earn between 0.5% and 1% of the value of purchases over R $ 25 in AlterCard. The Alter card can be used at any establishment that accepts the VISA banner, is prepaid, contactless and offers cash credit mode.
Alterbank card
“The rule is simple: you made a purchase on the physical or virtual Altercard above R $ 25, automatically between 0.5% and 1% of the value is returned in Bitcoins to your wallet at Alter. Cryptoback is accounted for and your balance is released in 15 days. ”
Unlike other systems, Criptoback does not expire, has no cost and the receipt is in Bitcoin.

Double dose cashback

In addition to all the above benefits, you can also earn another cashback. That is, money back in double dose!
When using Altercard in conjunction with the Coingoback cashback program at partner stores, in addition to receiving up to 1% cash back from Alter, it is possible to earn up to 15% cashback with Coingoback.
Coingoback offers withdrawals in reais, nano, bitcoin, ether and paxgold.
Have you already signed up for Alter and Coingoback? Don't waste time and earn cryptocurrencies on your purchases.

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