Altcoins, what are they and which are the most promising?

Charlie Taylor

What is an altcoin?So let's start with parts as Jack would say, what is an altcoin? Altcoin is the term for alternative currency, it doesn't mean a veegan, counterculture currency that likes underground sound and wears black in the heat of Ceará. Although we have some pretty weird coins out there, it's actually an alternative to bitcoin.

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Altcoin is every cryptocurrency alternative to bitcoin. We'll talk about the top altcoins and how you can rate one according to your strategy in today's Novacast.

What are the main altcoins?

And if for some reason you don't like bitcoin, my dear, you have literally thousands of other cryptocurrencies out there from the lite version of bitcoin, to litecoin even the most extravagant ones like DogelonMars, Kucoin, Ravencoin and so on. Today the main altcoins are ether, binance coin, cardan, dogecoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin and you have a complete list of them on But it wasn't always like that…..

Their story:

Until April 18, 2011 there was no altcoin, that day was the launch of the first altcoin which? Namecoin, which like most altcoins was a copy of the Bitcoin code. Bitcoin code is free, which means you can simply copy and create your cryptocurrency without permission from anyone in your basement. But Namecoin was looking for and still looking for other functions beyond those achieved by bitcoin, Namecoin wanted to be a blockchain that would serve to register decentralized domains in blockchain.

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