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After the divorce from model Lynne Kush in 2012, AJ Allmendinger moved on to date architect Tara Meador. The two met at the Indy 500, and have been a winning couple ever since. Here are some details on their relationship. Allmendinger’s net worth and education are also provided.

Tara Meador

Tara Meador is a native of Nebraska. She graduated from Fort Calhoun High School in 2007 and attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, earning a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in architecture. While at school, she was a valedictorian and was involved in a number of extracurricular activities.

Allmendinger has married Tara Meador in 2019. The couple has a son together. She is a successful chiropractor and a former world-class gymnast. She is currently working as a part-time television host for NBC. She will be back in the driver’s seat full time in 2021.

Tara Meador met Allmendinger at a race and they started dating shortly after. The couple have one pet cat, Mr. Tickles, and they are devoted to it. They also have a French bulldog named Xena Allmendinger.

AJ Allmendinger’s net worth

Aj Allmendinger is an American race car driver who has an estimated net worth of $1 to $5 million. He is 37 years old and was born on December 16, 1981, in Los Gatos, CA. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and his animal is a Rooster.

AJ Allmendinger was born in Santa Clara, California, and was raised in Los Gatos, California. He married Lynne Kushnirenko in 2007, but they divorced five years later. In 2012, he filed for divorce from Kushnirenko and married Tara Meador. He has one cat named Mr. Tickles.

AJ Allmendinger’s networth is estimated to be around $3 million, with much of it coming from his career as a racing driver. He is a part-time Xfinity Series driver for Kaulig and is a NASCAR America analyst. He plans to return to full-time driving in 2021. AJ Allmendinger has no children. He is a successful businessman and has been recognized for his achievements in the racing world.

Tara Meador’s education

Tara Meador is an architectural design consultant and a native of Nebraska. She graduated from Fort Calhoun High School in 2007 and went on to earn her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She has also won multiple awards for her academics and extracurricular activities. Tara and AJ haven’t announced any children yet, but they are guardians of one dog, Mr. Tickles. Moreover, she’s an architectural design consultant and has a degree in chiropractic medicine from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

Tara Meador’s net worth is estimated at $600K. She married stock car driver and open-wheel racer Aj Allmendinger in 2019. In addition to this, she has been active on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. She’s also a member of the Victoria’s Voice Foundation.

Tara Lea Meador graduated from Fort Calhoun High School in 2007 and attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, earning a Bachelor’s degree in architecture. She later went on to earn a Master’s degree in the same field. She also took part in various extracurricular activities and was involved in a number of organizations.

Tara Meador’s relationship with AJ Allmendinger

The relationship between Tara Meador and AJ Allmendinger started when Meador met the driver at a 2015 Indianapolis 500 event. The couple began dating after the race and went on to adopt a cat called Mr. Tickles, who has his own Instagram account. Both men are fans of boxing, and the couple are often seen attending racing events together. They married in 2019 and share pictures of their cat on social media.

The relationship between the two celebrities is one that has been talked about in the media for a long time. Meador is a famous fashion designer, and AJ is a well-known NASCAR racer. Both of these celebrities have beautiful personal lives and a stunning figure.

Meador and Allmendinger were married in 2019, but they had dated for several years before they decided to get married. They are not yet parents, but have two dogs and a cat. The couple has been spotted taking their cats to the park, which is a rare sight for celebrities.

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