After Successful Airdrop, Arkham Foundation Launches World’s First Blockchain Intelligence Sharing


Arkham Intelligence, an emerging leader in blockchain analytics, has finished its testing phase, Arkham Beta, and the platform is now open to all users. With the implementation of the Arkham Intel Exchange, the Arkham Foundation has inaugurated the world’s first on-chain intelligence exchange marketplace.

Conquering the Blockchain Intelligence Space

This new platform allows users to anonymously buy and sell information about the owner of any blockchain wallet. All this is done through smart contracts, which guarantee a safe and reliable process. On July 18, the Arkham Foundation announced via tweet the official launch of the Arkham Intel Exchange.

Creating an Arkham account is completely free, allowing all users to access the many features that the platform offers. Arkham Intel Exchange is intended to bridge the gap between on-chain analysts, traders, journalists, and researchers by facilitating the sharing of critical blockchain data.

The Arkham Foundation: Pioneering the Blockchain Intelligence Market

The Arkham Foundation has taken a crucial step in technological innovation by becoming the first organization to introduce an on-chain intelligence sharing marketplace. This marks a significant milestone in the realm of blockchain intelligence.

Additionally, the Arkham Foundation recently launched its native token, Arkham (ARKM). ARKM tokens were initially sold on Binance Launchpad for just $0.05. After this initial sale, Arkham made the launch of its token official, which is presented as “the intelligence to win”, creating a direct link between obtaining information and token transactions.

The value of Arkham in today’s market

The Arkham ARKM token has experienced fluctuations in value since its launch. At the time of writing, Arkham’s trading price is approximately $0.685, down 8.37% in the last 24 hours. Despite hitting a recent all-time low of $0.6331, according to CoinMarketCap, the long-term outlook for Arkham and its ARKM token is rosy.

Through the launch of the Arkham Intel Exchange, the Arkham Foundation demonstrates its commitment to innovation in blockchain intelligence. This platform marks a new dawn in blockchain data exchange, creating endless possibilities for blockchain analysts and users.

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