After rising 640% in 12 months, XRP resembles a ‘financial pyramid’ and you shouldn’t invest in it; analyst explains why

Charlie Taylor

Profits from cryptocurrencies in recent years have been staggering, with some of them exceeding 4,000% in 12 months. That, of course, leaps in the eyes of any investor. But behind some of these gains, there are not always fundamentals. There are a lot of people who enter this market with a speculative eye and end up doing crazy things that can destroy your assets overnight. One of these insanities is buying XRP, cryptocurrency of the technology company Ripple. It is in evidence, it has risen 640% since May last year, but, in the opinion of analysts who follow the sector, this cryptocurrency can erode investors' money at any time. One of the experts who abhor the purchase of this asset is André Franco, from Empiricus. Your recommended wallet Crypto Legacy accumulates 2,500% profit since 2017, with indications of the most promising crypts in the market and alerts to investors about real leaks in this class of investments (access it here).

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But below I will present 3 reasons for you to escape this crypto and some others. But, if you prefer, you can access the analysis of the crypts that represent traps (including some types of “bitcoin”) and the 14 with the highest potential for high multiplication in the Crypto Legacy series. He explains that since the crypto market is still relatively new, it is natural to imagine that some bad assets will grow together – as is the case with XRP. For this reason, a specialized analysis is essential to avoid pitfalls and to pan the most secure and promising crypts. It was with this thought that he multiplied the assets of his followers in the Crypto Legacy series by 25 times since 2017 – 200% only in 2022.The project is in partnership with the crypto broker Bitcoin Market. Just access it, for seven free days, to receive up to R $ 100. You can do whatever you want with the money, but it is recommended to use it to buy the crypto with the greatest potential for multiplication. Access to all of this is available on this link.Now let's get to the reasons for XRP, which, although it has multiplied its equity by more than seven times in the past 12 months, can turn your money to dust.

1. It is not decentralized and is being processed in the USA

One of the points that make the cryptocurrency market promising are its decentralized projects, which allow society to carry out transactions, make and borrow, access the internet and even gamble without depending on the “will” of governments, banks, technology companies and the like . “Decentralization initiatives are extremely important for the crypto universe: they bring more security to protocols, making them more resistant to attacks”, explains André Franco. This, however, is not the case with XRP. It is controlled by its creative company, Ripple, and developers own about 60% of the assets. In other words, it is just a revenue generating mechanism for the company. And therein lies the great danger, alerted by André Franco: the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) found that Ripple forces upbeat news about XRP to trigger retail interest in buying it, while house executives poured millions of that currency into the market. Thus, a cycle has been feeding back: there is a lot of XRP in the market and a huge appetite for buying with sensational news about the asset, making it go up. In other words, bingo: the increase of 640% has no basis. DO YOU WANT TO UNDERSTAND THE ENROLLMENTS OF OTHER CRYPTS AND GET MORE PROFESSIONAL AT THE TIME OF MAKING MONEY WITH CRYPTACTIVES? ACCESS CRYPTO LEGACYWHO FOLLOWED RISK THE ANDRÉ FRANCO CRYPT SERIES MULTIPLIED HERITAGE FOR 25 TIMES SINCE 2017, WITHOUT TAKING UNNECESSARY RISKSIn the midst of this very questionable practice warned in an exclusive report by Crypto Legacy, a group of more than 20,000 irresponsible people joined in Telegram to pump XRP and raise the price of the currency. Thus, André Franco warns that only the first one wins with the currency – in this case, the groups of entrepreneurs and investors who pump its price. While those who arrive late at the party tend to lose. “This structure is very reminiscent of those of dreaded financial pyramids”, Says the analyst. There are other similar cases of piercings that are in evidence out there, but also crypts that can multiply exponentially in the coming years, with fundamentals beyond promising. You can stay abreast of everything on this link, through the portfolio that accumulates 2,500% profit in crypto in the last three years.

2. Lack of originality

In addition to all these problems, André Franco explains that XRP is frowned upon for its lack of originality. “The Ripple project itself is a good one, and aims to be a platform for international shipments. It turns out that any type of transfer does not require the use of the XRP token, and the company has not found any practical use for the asset; therefore, there is no incentive for investors to buy and hold these assets for a long period, ”he says.

3. While some are seduced by XRP and other junk, smart investors have built wealth

In all types of investments, pitfalls are common. But in the crypto market there is a difference: there are more than 8 thousand assets in it, divided into different modalities (digital art, new financial systems, new internet technologies and so on), which makes it even more difficult to act alone, without a expert support.Of course there are the "lucky" and the "unlucky", who bet on a shot without knowing it in depth and won a lot or lost everything. This is the case for some who put money into this aberration called XRP. If you are at least smart, you don't want to throw your money at that lucky move. That's why André Franco, elected one of the 50 most influential people in the Brazilian crypto market by CoinTelegraph Top 50, is inviting you to access Crypto Legacy for seven days for free (unlock your free 7-day access here). You can look at the assets, read the analysis, participate in shifts of doubts and even take a free course available inside without any commitment. As if that weren't enough, the Bitcoin Market (largest crypto broker in Latin America) and the team at Crypto Legacy (available at Empiricus, Brazil's largest investment house) have teamed up to give you up to R $ 100 to invest in cryptocurrencies. It may seem strange, but the two companies do this with a small amount of their marketing budget. This initiative helps to retain new customers, expose the brand in a positive way and encourages the investor to enter into an investment modality still unknown to many, without risking their own capital. For you to have a sense of the grandeur of this initiative, who followed it to the letter the Crypto Legacy portfolio, with promising projects and analyzed weekly in the André Franco series, transformed a mere R $ 1,000 invested in crypto into more than R $ 24,000; R $ 10,000 turned into more than R $ 240,000 … all in three years, with diversification and without taking unnecessary risks. Meanwhile, stubborn people fell into the “siren song”, seducing themselves by “gurus” and sensational news, broke their heads – or are about to break, like those who buy XRP, DogeCoin and 13 other crypts on André's black list This reality makes one thing very clear, it hurts those who hurt: who in the medium and long term made a solid fortune with cryptocurrencies, without taking unnecessary risks, he acted like a professional, reading reports, updates, accompanying shifts of doubts and the like over the months and years. After all, those who live on the “tip of the moment” after easy money are amateurs or tricksters. ACT AS A PROFESSIONAL AND STOP LEAVING MONEY AT THE TABLE: ACCESS THE CRYPTO LEGACY SERIES, WHICH ACCOMPENSES 2,500% PROFIT IN CRYPTOMOEDES IN THE LAST THREE YEARSTHERE YOU CAN ALSO FIND A COMPLETE AND TEACHING SUPPORT TO LEARN TO INVEST IN CRYPTSThe numbers themselves prove this: in addition to the accumulated profit of 2,500%, André Franco's followers achieved punctual profits with cryptos in the loan area, another in the derivatives sector and one in games, which delivered 1700%, 700% and 1300% in the months, respectively, since the analyst's recommendation. Remember, however, that past profit is no guarantee of future return. And with this expertise André Franco and his team are already mining the assets with the potential to deliver exponential profits from now on.

A quartet of the Internet 3.0, NFT and DeFi crypto segments could 'explode' in the coming months

By freeing up your free seven-day access to Crypto Legacy and its R $ 100, you will have access to a list of 14 promising crypto and the most suitable cryptocurrency wallets for each pocket size, from R $ 500 to R $ 8 thousand in From that amount, you will find three assets that stand out in their respective segments: The idea is so innovative that it has spread throughout the USA, Europe, western Canada and east Asia, rising more than 1,600% since the beginning of the year . The developers' idea is to make it take over the world. And it has the potential for that. In the view of André Franco, it is only the beginning of a long journey of valuations. See below the distribution of the platform, with only three years of existence:Map Description automatically generatedUNLOCK YOUR ACCESS TO THIS CRYPT HERE AND EARN R $ 100 TO INVEST IN THE MOST PROMISING CRYPTO LEGACY SERIES NFTs are nothing more than digital certificates that give exclusivity and originality to virtual goods, such as games, works of art, photos, GIFs and even publications on social media.This makes these contents scarce, increasing their value. Thus, through this innovation, collectors, players, artists and other entertainment figures can hold millionaire auctions, which helps in the appreciation of this segment and leads to significant increases in some crypto assets.One, for example, has the potential to rise 200% by the end of this year, in a conservative forecast. Since it was recommended by André Franco in the Crypto Legacy series in January 2022, it has gone up by more than 1,000% (against about 100% of bitcoin).KNOW IT UNLOCKING YOUR ACCESS HEREComing from the English Decentralized Finance, DeFi refers to financial services similar to what we are used to seeing in the traditional market, such as loans, insurance, transfers, payments etc. The difference is that everything happens 100% by cryptocurrencies distributed on blockchain platforms, such as ethereum, and without ties to banks, insurance companies or other institutions. But take it easy: just as with stocks you don't need to be a client of the company listed on the stock exchange, with DeFi you don't have to move money on platforms either.This innovation is making a token of loans and another of derivatives stand out in this modality. Both went through improvements in their rates, speed and facilitated the relationship with the crypto brokers … and these innovations can deliver expressive valuations in the coming months. I wrote that there were four crypto, right? But there is another one that you should also take into account, and that André Franco recently recommended. This is a lottery token. Its innovation in the awarding of prizes to players makes MegaSena a “little guy” – and those who benefit are not only the players, but those who invest in the idea.YOU CAN KNOW THESE 5 CRYPTS AND OTHER 9 WITH GREAT MULTIPLICATION POTENTIAL IN THE CRYPTO LEGACY SERIES AND, BREAKING, EARN $ 100 TO INVEST

Check out everything you will have access to in Crypto Legacy

If you arrived here, you have already seen that investing in XRP is synonymous with amateurism, as is the case with other crypts that are on André Franco's “blacklist”. See everything you will receive when you unlock your free seven-day access to his series, in addition to the R $ 100:Weekly reports (you will always find a relevant topic about the crypto market, to stay on top of everything that happens and monitor your earning potential);CryptoXpress Course (learn all about cryptocurrencies. There are 18 classes distributed in 5 modules, with all the theory you need and lots of practice. Such a complete course would not cost less than R $ 890, but here you will receive it without paying nothing for him);Recommended digital currency portfolios (access to personalized portfolios with which assets to buy according to your invested equity); Cryptocurrency blacklist (If there are more than 500 shares on the stock market, we already have more than 8 thousand assets in the cryptocurrency market. And many of them present a risk that is not worth taking. With this Blacklist, the intention is to keep you away from those currencies);Shifts of doubt (you will be able to take all your doubts about cryptocurrencies live. If you cannot participate, the material will be recorded on the platform);First steps (starting now in the universe of crypts? Don't know where to start? André Franco takes your hand and explains);UNLOCK YOUR ACCESS HEREYou will try all of this for free for seven days and, if you don't like it, you can cancel your subscription within that period and have 100% of the amount paid back on the spot, without bureaucracy… and detail: the R $ 100 will remain yours… if you want continue on the company's profit journey Crypto Legacy series, will pay only 12x of R $ 6 – a negligible amount close to the gains you can achieve. It is worth mentioning that taking the R $ 100, looking at the most promising cryptocurrencies and leaving in the 7 free days is your right, but it is irrational to do so. After all, through Crypto Legacy you will know the best opportunities in the crypto market over the months, you will be able to ask questions and know the best moments of buying and selling. Whoever did this managed to capture more than 1500% of profits with a crypto between July 2020 and May 2022 … and more than 1300% with another in the last five months of this year. Not to mention the other gains, which it is up to you to know now by Crypto Legacy. The choice is now yours. Unlock your access and promotion on this link or in the sentence below. I WANT TO ACCESS THE CRYPTO LEGACY SERIES AND EARN R $ 100 WITH EMPIRICUS PARTNERSHIP WITH BITCOIN MARKET

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