A wave of unexplained deaths in Russia


Photo Pixabay Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, at least 39 Russian officials and personalities have been killed in suspicious circumstances, and two people have died this month alone. The first is virologist Andrei Botikov, who helped develop Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine against COVID-19. The researcher was to fall victim to a man who during an argument [jej przyczyna pozostaje nieznana] He was about to strangle him with his belt. According to information provided by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the attacker was arrested shortly after the body was found. In turn, the financial fraudster and oligarch Sergei Grishin, who sold his residence in California to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, died on March 6 in Moscow. The official cause of death was supposed to be sepsis, from which the 56-year-old fell. Interestingly, shortly before his death, Griszyn criticized Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The list of mysterious deaths from February 2022 also includes, among others, Roman Malyk – a Russian mobilization official who was found hanged from a fence; Dmitry Zelenov – Russian real estate tycoon who fell down the stairs in France; Col. Vadim Boyko – the head of mobilization, who committed suicide by shooting himself five times, and Marina Yankina – a Russian defense official who fell out of the window of her apartment on the 16th floor. A collective panic among people associated with the Russian oil and gas industry was caused by the execution of Sergei Protosenia and his family. Protosenia, former CEO of Novatek (a company linked to the Kremlin) was murdered on April 19, 2022 in his villa in Spain. His wife and two daughters died of ax wounds, and he himself was hanged. Although Russian propaganda has claimed that Protosenia committed an extended suicide, this is contradicted by the findings of the investigators. There is no doubt who is behind the deadly streak in Russia. Still, “no evidence has yet been found tying these deaths to Putin, and the Russian leader wants it to stay that way,” John E. O’Neill, a political economy expert and co-author of Dancer and Dancer, told the New York Post. the devil: Stalin, Pavlov and the Road to the Great Pandemic. In his opinion, Putin does not want to murder in an obvious way. He wants the murdered to be considered suicides or victims of rare diseases, even though everyone in Russia knows that the subsequent deaths are a warning that the ruler of the Kremlin sends to those closest to him. O’Neill points out that the murders are likely related to the setbacks Russia is currently facing in Ukraine. In his opinion, Putin will never admit that the war was a mistake, so he executes people who, in his opinion, know too much. Currently, being Putin’s comrade no longer guarantees security. “Russia under Putin is a mafia state, a network of vile criminals who believe that if they don’t stick together, they will be hanged separately. Death is always there to remind Putin’s cronies of their tasks, writes O’Neill. According to analysts, the lack of success at the front makes Putin more and more paranoid, and thus more dangerous. The ruler of the Kremlin is said to be obsessed with a potential coup d’état in which he would be assassinated. It is therefore possible that another wave of unexplained deaths may be coming to Russia.

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