“A subculture that has become a billion dollar industry”


Curious about Malmö? Read more here. Avatar, Tom Clancy’s The Division, James Bond and Sayonara Hearts. Some of the world’s biggest and most critically acclaimed games are created by game development companies that all have offices in Malmö. How is it that Malmö has become a global hub in this successful industry? Several factors come into play, says Peter Lübeck. He is CEO of the interest organization Game Habitat, whose aim is to create the best possible conditions for the game development industry in southern Sweden to continue growing and developing. Massive Entertainment’s move from Ronneby to Malmö in the early 2000s made an impression in several ways, notes Peter Lübeck. – The Nordic Game Conference, Europe’s leading game developer conference, was started shortly afterwards and has since organized annual gatherings in Malmö. A few years later, The Game Assembly opened its doors in town. Today, the school ranks as one of the top ten educations in the world in game development. Almost everyone who has completed the training is offered a job afterwards.

“Massive’s success has paved the way”

All in all, the global game development industry opened its eyes to Malmö. Since then it has rolled on, at an incredible rate of growth. – Massive’s success has paved the way for a number of medium-sized game companies to be established, such as Sharkmob and Avalanche Studios Group. In addition, there is a multitude of small so-called indies, small-man companies, which are niched in particular areas and which possess great artistic and artistic ability. Peter Lübeck continues: – Today, we have created an ecosystem of different actors and studios with a turnover of 2.5 billion. In Malmö today there are 75 companies with employees from 66 different nationalities.That Malmö continues to attract global talent in the game development industry – and who choose to stay here – is about the city’s unique advantages, says Peter Lübeck. Recently, the association released a survey that has analyzed how those who work in game development thrive both in their industry and in the region. The answers are unequivocal.- Virtually everyone states that Malmö is a city that is easy to establish in. People here are open-minded and even though it is a small city, globally speaking, there is a cultural offer that can measure up to any global any big city. They are satisfied with the industry, but even more satisfied with living and working right here.

The municipal council attended

Peter Lübeck believes that the city’s involvement in the industry is also a contributing factor to the growth rate in Malmö being so strong. – I remember before the start of our association, Game Habitat. Already at our first meeting with the city, Malmö’s highest municipal councillor, Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, was present. I thought that said a lot, that the city is really interested in understanding and creating good conditions for new industries to establish themselves here. – The standard of living that exists in Malmö would have been difficult to achieve in any major European city, as Malmö’s housing prices are at completely different levels than, for example, those of Stockholm, Copenhagen or London, explains Peter Lübeck. Stockholm is, in absolute terms, still a major gambling city than Malmö, says Johanna Nylander, head of analysis at Computer Games Industry. But Malmö has grown enormously as a gaming hub in recent years. – Malmö is a mini-Sweden in terms of the type of games and companies that exist and are produced. Many of the Stockholm companies have offices in Malmö. There are also foreign companies that have chosen to locate their Swedish office in Malmö, such as IO Interactive, she says.Johanna Nylander, head of analysis at the Computer Games industry.Johanna Nylander, head of analysis at the Computer Games Industry. The proximity to The Game Assembly’s game training is another strong attraction for Malmö, she believes. – The curriculum includes an internship and it is common to get a job at the same place immediately after graduation. That is why she sees no dark clouds ahead, even though Sweden is entering a recession. – I find it difficult to see that we would lose in the industry, perhaps that the increase is a little slower and that the companies become more cautious in their investments, I am convinced that there will continue to be a great demand for competent personnel. People want new gaming experiences, in that way it is a business that is stable.See Game Habitat’s film about the gaming city of Malmö here

The computer game industry is growing steadily

The gambling industry is going strong globally, but Sweden’s development is both faster and more steady than many other gambling company-intensive countries. In December 2021, there were 785 gaming companies in Sweden, of which 21 were listed. In 2021, 93 new companies started in the industry, and the number of employees increased by 20 percent from 6,600 to 8,000 people. In the Skåne/Blekinge region, there are 120 gaming companies with a total of 1,515 employees. 69 of the companies have been founded in the last five years and only three of them existed before the turn of the millennium.• The Scanian companies made a combined profit of SEK 268 million last year.• 25 percent of those who answered say they would like to start their own gaming company at some point . Another 43 percent say they might want to.• 21 percent of employees are women, an increase of 4 percentage points since 2017.Source: Game Habitat’s report “The South Swedish game development industry 2022” and the Computer Games industry’s report Game Developer Index 2022.

Sweden’s seven largest gaming companies in 2021

1. Ubisoft Sweden: 837 employees (of which 729 are at Massive in Malmö). 2. EA Dice: 730 employees.3. King: 648 employees (of which 80 are at King in Malmö).4. Paradox Interactive: 511 employees (of which 23 are at Paradox Thalassic in Malmö).5. Embracer Group: 463 employees in Sweden (of which 68 are at Tarsier in Malmö). The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Malmö Stad and not an article by Dagens industri

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