A New Adventure Begins: CoinEx Accelerates Efforts to Build a Cryptocurrency Exchange Ecosystem in Europe


Today, cryptocurrencies are playing a major role in disrupting the entire financial market. From deposits and payments to loans, investments and trading, the crypto industry has facilitated many changes in the financial ecosystem. In addition, the entire financial system is also fully developing. Despite that, the cryptocurrency sector is still subject to many unresolved issues. For example, are crypto assets well regulated? Are blockchain infrastructures well established? How should the crypto ecosystem be changed in the future? What growth engines does the crypto market need?

In February 2022, French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour tweeted that he had visited Ledger, the French leader in crypto security, and decided to support the ecosystem and make proposals on relevant topics such as taxation and compliance. In April 2022, after winning a second term, French President Emmanuel Macron made it clear that he would support Web 3, cryptocurrencies and the metaverse. Macron believes that the crypto ecosystem represents an opportunity that France and Europe should not miss to lead the future generations of the web.

In May 2022, Grayscale Investment LLC, the world’s largest crypto fund operator, announced that it will launch its exchange-traded fund (ETF), which tracks a basket of digital asset companies, for the first time in Europe. Grayscale said that ETFs are becoming increasingly popular in Europe and that European investors are also very concerned about crypto-related products. Additionally, TP ICAP, the world’s largest interdealer broker, also said this year that it has introduced cryptocurrency exchange-traded products (ETPs) to its European clients.

From the series of statements and measures taken by European governments or institutions regarding the crypto ecosystem, we can easily say that crypto assets have been increasingly accepted by major markets.

In fact, Europe not only started emphasizing and promoting the development of the crypto ecosystem this year. In 2021, chain analysis noted in a report that Central Europe, Northern Europe, and Western Europe have become the largest crypto economies in the world. Capturing this trend, crypto pioneers from around the world have started building their crypto ecosystems in Europe, and CoinEx is one of the first global crypto exchanges that have decided to enter the European market.

In June 2022, CoinEx announced that it would participate in the European Blockchain Convention (EBC) 2022 as a sponsor. The EBC is the most influential blockchain event in Europe and was born with the mission of connecting and accelerating the blockchain ecosystem in the continent. Since its inaugural 2018 conference in Barcelona, ​​every year the top founders, investors, developers, and corporations in the blockchain space come together at EBC to learn, be inspired, and connect.

As a rising star in the blockchain industry, CoinEx will also attend EBC 2022 and discuss the current status and market outlook of blockchain, crypto, DeFi, NFT and Web 3 along with top founders. and blockchain investors in Europe. CoinEx’s participation in the EBC is another proof that the blockchain pioneers have recognized the important role of the European market in the global crypto market. It is actively sought to promote the progress of the European crypto market. At the same time, CoinEx has accelerated its efforts to build a crypto exchange ecosystem in Europe, thereby providing users there with comprehensive, convenient, secure and integrated crypto services.

Now available in 16 languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian, CoinEx actively provides European users with blockchain infrastructure including cryptocurrency exchange services, as well as barrier-free trading services. On both the web and the app, European CoinEx users can quickly and easily enjoy smooth and stable cryptocurrency trading services anytime, anywhere, without any language barriers.

CoinEx offers European users a full range of crypto products and services, covering spot trading, futures, margin trading, AMM, mining, financial services, and the CoinEx Dock. In addition, it offers nearly 600 top-tier and innovative cryptocurrencies.

CoinEx has earned recognition from over 3 million users worldwide for its fast and stable performance, smooth deposits/withdrawals, and versatile range of products. In the future, the exchange will continue to strive for a complete, stable and long-lasting ecosystem of services.

It is noteworthy that CoinEx aims to become a gateway for users to the crypto world and actively provides European users with simple and easy-to-use futures services. Furthermore, new crypto users in Europe can enjoy smooth, convenient, secure and stable futures trading experiences on CoinEx without having to go through any KYC authentication.

Additionally, as CoinEx builds a larger European presence, the exchange will work closely with national regulators in Europe to continue providing users with a safe, reliable, and stable crypto investment environment as well as top-tier services. As the exchange accelerates its efforts to build a crypto exchange ecosystem in Europe, CoinEx is embarking on a new adventure.

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