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How is the adaptability of employees in troubled times?

Published: November 1, 2022, 10:00 a.m. Updated: November 3, 2022, 2:14 p.m.War, inflation, high electricity prices and an ongoing climate crisis. These are just some of the factors that create anxiety in today’s society. But how can workplaces help employees get rid of their anxiety? Right now there is an uncertain environment that people on an individual level have difficulty influencing. Feeling worried about such situations is completely normal and something we all have to learn to live with, says Fredrik Bengtsson, psychologist at the insurance company Euro Accident. – There is rational and irrational concern. Man has no control over rational concern, like events in our surrounding world. Irrational concern, on the other hand, is not justified and can be influenced. We will likely live in uncertain times for quite some time to come. But that in itself is not a problem when it comes to our mental health – if we just learn to accept that we cannot be in control and instead find peace within ourselves, he says. Crisis management planMany organizations today have plans for different types of crises. This could, for example, be about preparedness for cyber attacks, power outages or evacuation. – Communicating this to employees can be a good way to create a safer workplace, says Fredrik.Practice resilienceBut is it possible to overcome the anxiety over which one has no control? Fredrik believes that it is about practicing your ability to cope with changes and making recovery easier. The term resilience implies both resilience and adaptability. – Just as we develop our muscles through training, we develop resilience by being exposed to situations where we develop the ability to accept what we cannot influence. With the right attitude, crisis can lead to development, he says and continues: – When we learn to accept uncertainty and let go of the pursuit of control, we become calmer, which leads to better sleep. This in turn provides better recovery and energy that we need to cope with these challenging times.Health insurance can create securityIt is not unusual for the worries to accompany you during the working day. But it is possible to find comfort and support in the workplace, he believes. – At work, people can find like-minded people and talk about difficult things. Or do the opposite: don’t talk about worries at all, but talk about other things that keep the troublesome thoughts away, he says. As an extra safety net for both employers and employees, insurance can make a difference. The advantages are several, says Fredrik Bengtsson, and mentions the conversation support and the financial security that is available in the event of sick leave. – Via Euro Accidents Health Insurance PlanSjuk, employees can get help and tools to deal with their worries and anxiety. In this way, they train their resilience and become better at handling difficult situations and changes. It is unnecessary to let it go as far as a sick leave when it is possible to catch signals at an early stage and work proactively. In this way, we create Sustainable employees – who feel good both at the workplace and at home, concludes Fredrik. 7 tips Train resilience1. Accept what you cannot change2. Stay informed about the outside world from relevant and limited sources3. Meditate. Practice presence through breathing and reflection4. Spend time with those who make you feel good 5. Get enough sleep 6. Set aside 20-30 minutes and write down your worries 7. Keep your routines – food, sleep, work Read more about Euro Accident’s support through the insurance
Read more about how you can manage your concerns here The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Euro Accident and not an article by Dagens industri

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