A Cryptoreport letter for you. Happy holidays and a prosperous year 2023!


A few hours before the start of a new year, all that remains is to remember a little about what this year 2022 has been like, which, although it has been a complex period for the crypto ecosystem, full of difficulties and negative events, it is important to highlight the great community of crypto enthusiasts that has been created in all Criptoinforme channels, therefore, today We want to express our most energetic thanks to our entire community.

We continue betting on growth.

For many people, the crypto ecosystem is going through one of the worst moments in its history, in which a series of unfortunate events has somewhat hindered the development of crypto and blockchain at all levelswith an increasing frequency of bankrupt platforms that has made us somewhat skeptical about the trust we place in platforms at all times.

Despite all this and regretting the difficult situation for many people who were directly affected by the deterioration of various platforms, All that remains is to look up and continue betting on the good things that the crypto space can offer, with a fantastic road ahead and that makes us excited about the number of features that are about to emerge as great crypto enthusiasts decide to expand their limits.

Beyond speculation and volatility.

And it is that this technology goes beyond the cryptocurrency market, where “speculation” is the daily bread.

By using crypto we can benefit from a much more comfortable way of storing our money and transporting it, being able to send money cross-border at no cost, having the possibility of protecting our national currency in the event of a devaluation, speeding up payment processes on a day-to-day basis and many other benefits that cryptocurrencies and blockchain offer to make our lives easier in many ways.

You are part of history!

Throughout this year we have really learned the importance of human value in the crypto ecosystem, since in the end it is the most important thing for us. Many people may differ in some sense about which cryptocurrency is better, which project is better or which has the greatest growth potential going forward and this is very valid, in fact it is very important, but In the end, the most important thing is the human value, since without people, without you, all these technologies are worth 0.

You are the protagonists of this great story!

Thanks for staying!

Happy New Year 2023!

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