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NetApp: “We make sure the right data is in the right place for your applications and users”

Published: 14 June 2022, 09:00The rapid development of technology and the hybrid office have made it increasingly common for companies to handle large amounts of data in the cloud. To make it easier for companies to manage their data in a secure, user-friendly and cost-effective way, Netapp has developed several innovative services – solutions that help companies with cost optimization of data storage, create the same experience for users no matter where they are and secure sensitive information. Before the pandemic, companies began to look for labor outside Sweden’s borders due to a lack of skills. Today, many companies have employees who need to work with data online as they are not close to the company’s applications or data centers. – This means that companies must make applications and data more accessible via virtual workplaces and data management in the cloud. We talk a lot today with our customers about data fabric, about the importance of ensuring that all employees have the same access and opportunity to use data regardless of where it is stored or where the employees are located, says Martin Wallin, Sweden Manager, NetApp. greater understanding of the benefits of democratization of data, that it favors the work of transforming data into intelligence. – When everyone involved has access to the same facts and insights, a faster development is created. By using the latest technology, more efficient processes and competitive advantages are created. But to make this work, these issues must be raised at the management team level, Martin Wallin explains.NetApp is leading the developmentNetApp, a global cloud-driven, data-focused software company, helps its customers build data platforms that make the client company’s applications available to employees and others concerned, whether the information is in their own data center or in one of the major public clouds such as AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. – We can make data management available and possible in all places where it needs to be located. What is unique about NetApp is that in addition to helping our customers with secure data storage, we also help them manage their data through our innovative software, in a smart and cost-effective way, says Fredrik Nygren, Technical Manager, NetApp. NetApp offers its customers three new services: Spot PC, which optimizes the cost of virtual workplaces by automatically moving users to the lowest cost, NetApp Global File Cache, which ensures that the virtual local workstation gives users in the cloud the same experience of files as before when everyone was gathered on the same office, as well as NetApp Cloud Data Sense which helps the company to identify and classify sensitive data and ensures that it does not leak online. – We have been a driving force in the development and are the only provider in the world whose technology is used by the three largest cloud providers in their data center. So we offer our customers a unique opportunity to be able to use the same technology within their own organization as for the data they choose to put in the cloud, concludes Martin Wallin.About NetApp
We are a global cloud-driven, data-focused software company that gives organizations the opportunity to lead with data in a time of increasing digital transformation. The company provides hardware, software and cloud services that help organizations run their applications optimally. With solutions that work in distributed environments, NetApp helps organizations build their own data fabric.Read more at www.netapp.seThe article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with NetApp and not an article by Dagens industri

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