6 years of unremitting efforts: ViaBTC is always on the way


The mining of bitcoin it has evolved from CPUs to GPUs and finally to ASICs, triggering a hardware “arms race”. As more advanced mining chips are introduced, the hash rate of mining rigs has been increasing which has made mining significantly more difficult. Meanwhile, hashrates are centralized by large mining farms and large institutions, and retail miners are now less likely to earn block upgrade rights based solely on their own hashrates. To stay in the game, more and more miners are choosing to join a mining pool for constant streams of income.

When choosing a mining pool from the many out there, miners should consider the following factors. For starters, miners could focus on brand recognition because famous pools are often highly recognized by the mining community, which is a sign of trustworthiness. Second, the user experience of a pool’s products and services is also a determining factor. This is the case because a versatile product range enables more efficient and convenient mining experiences. In addition, the recognition of the brand, products and services are supported by the technological capacity of the team behind a pool. Strong technological capabilities allow a pool to offer a more stable mining environment, protecting miners’ income as much as possible.

6 Years of Strong Actions – ViaBTC is Steady and Reliable

In March 2016, Haipo Yang, the founder of ViaBTC, independently developed and implemented ViaBTC Pool, which was officially launched two months later. In June of that year, ViaBTC Pool introduced a pool of bitcoin. To improve mining revenue, the pool revolutionized conventional payment methods and invented the PPS+ method, which was the first of its kind in the mining industry. In addition to the block reward, in PPS+, miners will also receive the daily miner fee based on their contribution. This invention not only earned ViaBTC wide recognition from miners and mining institutions, but also made this group one of the top 5 in the world according to BTC hashrate less than 5 months since its launch.

As an all-inclusive crypto mining pool serving a global user base, ViaBTC has always adhered to the principles of security, transparency, fairness, and freedom. Through 6 years of dedicated efforts, the pool has introduced mining services for dozens of cryptos, including BTC, ETH, and LTC, and the invention of PPS+ has earned ViaBTC extensive brand recognition in the mining community. Now it is one of the preferred pools among miners.

6 years of constant updating and improvement of products: ViaBTC insists on innovation

Providing satisfying mining experiences to attract more miners has always been a challenge for mining pools. Always offering new products and services, ViaBTC insists on innovation and has illustrated what the proverb “good wine needs no frills” means through real actions.

For example, the pool upgraded transaction acceleration and offers free and paid channels to meet the demands of more miners. With ViaBTC’s hash rate fluctuation notification, miners no longer have to keep track of their hash rate and will be notified when the rate drops to the set threshold. In addition, ViaBTC also launched the crypto lending and hedging service to help miners with fund turnover, allowing them to manage their funds more flexibly in extreme market conditions.

Always focused on the interests of miners, ViaBTC insists on product innovation and has created a comprehensive suite of products and services to enable more efficient and convenient mining experiences for

6 years of dedicated efforts: ViaBTC is backed by a strong and prepared team

The success of a company depends on its team. ViaBTC has always believed that “the team is the most important product of a company”, and sees its team as the core of its competitiveness, as well as its most iconic product. Throughout 6 six years of searching for talents, ViaBTC has created a strong and globalized team, whose members have experience in world-renowned companies that focus on the Internet or finance. It is noteworthy that the ViaBTC team includes some of the earliest practitioners, pioneers, and investors of cryptocurrencies.

As a technical expert, Haipo Yang, the founder of ViaBTC, has deep knowledge of security and auditing, and attaches utmost importance to the security of the code. Since its inception, the pool has never suffered from any major security breaches. Backed by a strong team, ViaBTC Pool provides miners with a safe and stable mining environment, where they feel at ease when mining cryptocurrencies. Although the mining industry is highly cyclical, ViaBTC will not stop moving forward due to sudden changes. From the market. Although the road ahead may be strewn with obstacles, you will never stop moving forward. This is the best of times; this is the worst of times. ViaBTC will join the miners to celebrate the glory for the next 6 years and embrace a new crypto era.

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