5 memorable bitcoin gifts for father's day

Charlie Taylor

Father's Day is coming up on August 8th and now is a good time to buy a memorable gift that still helps your dad financially. That's why our team has prepared a list of 5 memorable gifts for you to give on this very special day.

5. Personalized bitcoin wallet

A good idea for your dad to get started in the cryptocurrency market is through a physical paper wallet, the so-called bitcoin paper wallets. They are created in several models and are highly customizable. All it takes is a printer, computer and your creativity to give your dad a gift and still help him understand bitcoin with something tangible.Example of a Bitcoin Paper WalletInexpensive, customizable and educational, a bitcoin paper wallet is a gift that fits every parent. step of the article “Protecting your bitcoins against theft“.

4 . Turn your dad into a bitcoin “Samurai”

If you have a dad who loves technology and is hands-on, then this gift is perfect for him. How about turning “your old man” into a digital Samourai and sovereign of a realm at the same time?A Bitcoin dad has his family protected for generationsWith Nodl Dojo, his dad will have a bitcoin knot that will not only give him financial sovereignty, but also turn him into a Samourai. Exactly, Nodl Dojo is directly linked to Samourai Wallet, the most 'badass' bitcoin portfolio in the entire market. It allows for fast, secure and more private transactions than any other wallet. And if your father is one of those who really like to build, then Get Umbrel can also be a good option. On this site you will find a “do it yourself” tutorial to set up your own full node and run the software in a simple way, which you can do with your father. This is quality time spent with the family.The site recommends all the necessary parts and teaches you how to assemble a powerful bitcoin knot Extremely nerdy, completely adaptable and awesome. Give your dad the opportunity to become a bitcoin ninja.

3. T-shirt or bitcoiner frame

Your dress speaks a lot about you and also about your father. So make sure he wears good t-shirts like Refugio Bitcoin's “Who is John Galt.” Refugio Bitcoin also has paintings, including one with the headline printed on the first bitcoin block. Cool, isn't it? How about dressing up your father or his house of freedom?

2. For artist parents

If your dad likes art and is a fan of new things, then we have the perfect gift for him. How about an NFT? An NFT is a non-fungible token that can represent a unique blockchain artwork. NFTs, non-fungible tokensDigital artworks represent a new trendThe Opensea and Rarible website have a large number of artworks for all tastes and budgets. In addition to learning about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, his father will be introduced to the millionaire digital art market.

1. For the non-bitcoiner parent

If you have a dad who isn't really into bitcoin and wouldn't like any of the above, we've got you covered. Electronics, clothing, accessories and everything else you can imagine has the potential to give you some bitcoin payback. Like? Like bitcoin cashback from Coingoback.com you can shop at thousands of stores and get cash back. How about guaranteeing this cashback while giving it to your dad? You can save these cryptocurrencies to accumulate until the next Father's Day, after all bitcoiners tend to think long term. .Do you have any gift suggestions? Leave in the comments below.Buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on Coinext
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