4 YouTube channels to learn about Bitcoin

Charlie Taylor

Today there are several channels on cryptocurrencies on YouTube, but we have selected the best ones for beginners to follow and learn more and more about Bitcoin in a reliable way.


Guilherme Rennó won the Cointimes Awards in the category of greatest influencer of 2020. He brings relevant news and analysis to his YouTube channel. Get to know his YouTube channel.

Currency in the Digital Age

Fernando UlrichAustrian economist Fernando Ulrich was a pioneer in talking about Bitcoin in Brazil, his oldest videos are simple and accurate explanations of how cryptocurrency works and why it is so important.

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With several podcasts and tutorials, Cointimes is an excellent source of content for both beginners and experts in the market. Check out our YouTube channel.


BitNadaWith daily lives, Bitnada is probably the best channel to keep up to date on the cryptocurrency market. Get to know your channel on Youtube. Did you like the list? Do you prefer another way of learning? See also 5 books to learn about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

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