4 movies and series to understand the Metaverse


Movies and series about the Metaverse With a trailer on Decentraland, the company behind the social network Facebook changed its name to Meta e…

Content 4 movies and series to understand the Metaverse first appeared in Cointimes .

Movies and series about the Metaverse

With a trailer on Decentraland , the company behind the social network Facebook changed its name to Meta and started building its own “Metaverse”.

With the announcement of Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, several people started to pay more attention to the topic and even related cryptocurrencies took off. The MANA token, from the Decentraland game, was an example that rose 280% in the last week, according to data from Coingolive.

Metaverse is a new word used to indicate an augmented reality virtual universe. It's still a confusing concept, but some believe it's the future of the internet and should be stuffed with digital assets (fungible and non-fungible ).

In fact, many people are already working and building their careers in the metaverse, it is the new world of digital entrepreneurs. Watch the video at the end of the article to learn about these new opportunities.

To better understand these new worlds, let's cite some of the main cultural references that work with the possibility of developed metaverses. In fact, the list serves as a recommendation for the holiday, enjoy:

4. Sword Art Online

Character connected to the metaverse of the Sword Art Online anime

This series (anime) may have hit the date when the metaverses begin to develop. Sword Art Online is a virtual reality game released in 2022, which proves to be very innovative and many players embark on the RPG journey.

However, the creator of this metaverse doesn't let the players leave their game, and they need to pass all the stages of the game to free themselves. The worst thing is that, similar to the famous movie Matrix, if you die in the simulation it's “ game over ” in real life too.

Mark Zuckerberg meme
“If you die in the metaverse, you die in real life,” says Mark Zuckerberg's meme referring to the anime Sword Art Online.

3. Player #1

Player #1

This movie takes place in 2045, Player #1 focuses on the OASIS virtual platform. As the physical world continues to crumble into disrepair, hero Wade Watts is set on an OASIS treasure hunt in pursuit of the fortune left behind by the late OASIS creator, James Halliday.

Player #1 is often considered the movie that “explains the metaverse,” despite the fact that it assumes that a single company would ultimately control everything. This is a notion discussed by critics, as it is important to realize that we will not have a single metaverse.

However, the film does a great job of showing what immersive virtual reality experiences might one day be like. Evil tongues say that we are already well on the way to this.

2. Darwin's Game

Darwin's Game Metaverse

Much like Sword Art Online, this anime also focuses on a character who enters a metaverse without knowing his life is at stake (literally).

In clear reference to Charles Darwin's theory, the best fit must survive the app that pits players against others.

Not every metaverse is made up of fun and colorful places.

1. Matrix

Matrix simulation

Possibly the most common reference to the world of cryptocurrencies. We've even mentioned Matrix in the Bits Semanais podcast , where we recommend watching this movie with a “bitcoiner look”.

Launched in 1999, The Matrix was an introduction for many people to the concept of virtual reality and simulation. Philosophical questions are brilliantly presented as the allegory of the cave and the machine of experience .

After a long war between humans and machines, which gained consciousness after much development of technologies such as artificial intelligence, humanity ended up being enslaved to serve as a battery for the new dominant “species”.

While humans are used by machines, people's minds are distracted by an illusory world called the Matrix.

We just hope that the next metaverses will be built by humans, rather than arising from a machine revolt.

But what did you think of the list of cultural recommendations, we missed an important movie? Leave in the comments below to complement the publication.

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Content 4 movies and series to understand the Metaverse first appeared in Cointimes .

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