With an increase of 800% in the year, the Ethereum UNI token became an asset in many portfolios of investors in the cryptocurrency market. Now, the NovaDAX broker has just launched a campaign that gives you three possibilities to win it for free, just follow the instructions and regulations onContinue Reading

You may have seen a lot of advertising on the internet on how to make easy money by playing. But the games that we are going to present here have different proposals due to a special feature: the blockchain. This is the case with MOBOX, Axie Infinity and Light Nite.Continue Reading

Today (27), the CNDL (National Chamber of Store Leaders) organized the “Dia Livre de Taxes”. Consequently, gasoline prices reached R $ 4 in Brasilia. The discounts offered by the establishments reach 70%. This is because several establishments in the country are proposing to sell their products, without the incidence ofContinue Reading

In a podcast interview, Bitcoin developer Peter Todd said that autonomous cars with automatic updates are too dangerous to be allowed. And his concerns are real. Although relatively recent, the Bitcoin enthusiast's speech does not come from some resentment that Tesla stopped accepting BTC as a form of payment, asContinue Reading