1st Online Congress of Crypto Entrepreneurs Colombia 2022!


“If you want to acquire knowledge on the topics of blockchain, nft and cryptocurrencies, join the 1st online congress of crypto entrepreneurs. It will be an online talk that will be taking place this September 3 at the hands of recognized opinion leaders in the crypto sector and that they are also directly promoting the development of the blockchain technology in Colombia.

An exclusive place for those who build the future of the Internet!

This September 3 at 2:00 pm (Colombia time GTM – 5) Entrepreneurs from all over Latin America and part of Europe come together to tell great stories and touch on important issues regarding the development, adoption and legalization of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Extraordinary people!

The panel of speakers will be made up of leaders in the development of blockchain and the use of cryptography in Colombia, Latin America and part of Europe.. Below is a detailed list of the topics that will be touched on in the talk by great enthusiasts of new technologies to carry out incredible projects.

Theme: The future of digital sales.

Theme: Blockchain, regulation and Dian.

Ernest Ruiz. (Blumer CEO)

Theme: Social network Using Blockchain technology, crypto orientation.

Philip Jaramillo. (Cryptoreport CEO)

Theme: Crypto news, decentralization.

Peter Gutierrez. (Director of Business Development at Peersyst Technology)

Theme: Adoption of blockchain technology at the government level in Latam.

Serge Fernandez. (Spanish businessman)

Theme: What will enterprise NfT look like in 5 years?

Julian Sanchez. (Digital Animator)

Theme: Creation of works of art-blockchain.

Alex Cardona. (47 farms investor)

Theme: Blockchain adoption, and immersion in the digital world.

Sofia Contreras. (Legal advisor, METAVIA SAS)

Theme: Metaverse, web 3.0 technology.

In conclusion

This will be a meeting point for the direct interaction with opinion leaders who will be offering their points of view in the areas in which they have specialized. Here you can expand your vision of the crypto universe and the opportunities that it can offer you today to have many more investment options.

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