1st Ethereum Conference in Brazil starts on Friday

Charlie Taylor

Ethereum.Rio 2022 will be held in Rio de Janeiro and will discuss topics such as the metaverse, digital currencies and the challenges of the web3; The conference starts on Friday (11) and runs until the 20th of this month. Ethereum. Rio, a conference on the second largest blockchain on the market, takes place in Rio de Janeiro between March 11th and 20th. The face-to-face event will be held for the first time at the Museu do Amanhã. Ethereum.Rio 2022 is an initiative of independent members of the community, who have secured renowned speakers to reach from developers and startups to students and enthusiasts.The Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes , will also be present and will be part of the closing. The politician recently announced that he was studying the possibility of integrating cryptocurrencies into the city treasury and accepting bitcoin as a form of payment for taxes.

What to expect from Ethereum.Rio 2022

The event will be used as a platform to attract talent, train developers and debate Ethereum community members to discuss advances in the network. The themes of the event are linked to the development, innovation and future of Web3, DeFi, governance of DAOs, blockchain and ESG, metaverse, digital art – NFTs, the Brazilian and Latin American ecosystem and the scalability of the Ethereum network. The goal of Ethereum.Rio is to foster a regional hub – an environment to bring together members of communities working with blockchain in Latin America. The meeting aims to generate connection, collaboration and the development of the ecosystem in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. Ethereum.Rio will be the gateway to projects that seek to build communities in Latin America, providing a friendly environment, where foreign entrepreneurs can meet and connect with its users to devise effective community building strategies. Ethereum.Rio aims to be the first in a series of annual events aimed at positioning Rio de Janeiro as a blockchain hub in Latin America – creating connections and debates that can generate business and formulate proposals to attract talent and financial resources from web3 to Rio. The positive impact of the event will be developed with a day dedicated to educational content, in Portuguese, aimed at beginners. All bootcamps and the hackathon will have 50% of the vacancies allocated to students and fellows, who cannot afford the registration costs, and the theme of the hackathon will be on how to use blockchain to solve problems in the city of Rio de Janeiro.Ethereum.Rio 2022 The event will be held at the Museum of Tomorrow, in Rio de Janeiro, and has a ten-day program, featuring, among the highlights, the first exhibition of “Digital Art NFTs”. During a bootcamp, developers will learn Web 3.0 fundamentals and apply their skills to blockchain technology and smart contract development. Eighty selected students will have access to world-class mentors – half of the students will be from low-income groups. Panels and workshops will take place from March 14th to 16th, with two days of international programming, in English, and a day focused on bringing blockchain content accessible to the local community, in Portuguese.At Launchpad, March 12th and 13th , the inverse of a traditional “startup pitching day” takes place, in which startups present their ideas – this time, investors and representatives of networks with resources to collaborate on projects will have the opportunity to present their proposals on how to add value to entrepreneurs selected.For the Hackathon (from March 18th to 20th), Ethereum Rio is looking for people interested in computing, UX/UI, economics and marketing who want to participate with Web3/blockchain projects and make a positive social impact. with the support of the City of Rio de Janeiro and will combine hackers/Web3 builders with projects from the local Carioca community to build decentralized and transparent infrastructures related to “NFT solutions to support public works”, “social/municipal chain tokens” and “Community/municipal DAOs”. Registration is free, and those interested can register individually or with a group of up to four people.For more information about tickets, how to participate and registration, visit: https://www.ethereum.rio/

Main Event Confirmed Speakers

Alex Van de Sande (ENS Domains)Camila Russo (The Defiant)Julien Bouteloup (Stake.Capital and Rekt.News)Solange Gueiros (Chainlink Labs)Taynah Reis (Seeds Coin)Luiz Hadad (Cambiatus)Victor Caribé (Play 4 Change)Cristobal Pereira (LatamTech Finance/Blockchain Academy Chile)Rodolfo Andragnes (LaBitconf)Robson Silva (Pods)Emilia Malgueiro (Crypto Lawyer)Thiago Padovan (Movements)Jeff Prestes (PUC-SP)David Tarditi (Certik)Gladstone Arantes (BNDES)Luis Lozada ( MakerDAO)Marco Muñoz (Blockdemy)André Salem (Blockforce)Martin Volpe (CELO)Nate Hindman (Bancor)Carlos Acevedo (Brave)Kathleen Evers (Sandbox)Antonela Debiasi (Metamask)

Speakers confirmed at the Open Day

Camila Rioja (CELO)Luis Adaime (MOSS)Emilia MalgueiroClosing: Eduardo Paes (Mayor of Rio de Janeiro)


EventDatePlacePriceTickets/RegistrationPublicbootcamp 11/3 – 13/3TBD (to be defined)Free (application)Registration here Junior developers who want to learn how to develop on Ethereumlaunchpad12/3 and 13/3TBDFree (application)Registration here Startups that use blockchainMain Event3/14 and 3/15Museum of Tomorrow90 USD – 380 USDTickets here Techies familiar with Ethereumopen day 3/16Museu do Amanhã50 reaisTickets here Brazilians with little knowledge of blockchainhackathon3/18 – 3/20 Free (application)Registration hereUniversity students who want to participate in the hackathon with Web3/blockchain projects that bring a positive social impact.See too:Buy Bitcoin on Coinext
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