11 years of Pizza Day: a historic day for Bitcoin

Charlie Taylor

This Saturday (22/05), we completed 11 years of the first purchase of a physical product for bitcoin, a day that became known as Bitcoin Pizza Day. BitcoinTalk, forum founded by Satoshi Nakamoto, saying that he would give 10,000 bitcoins to anyone who paid for two pizzas for him. Does it seem like an unmissable offer? Because at the time it was not, it took 4 days for someone to help him to kill his hunger.It was only on March 22, 2010 that the Hungarian programmer, one of the first to contribute to the development of Bitcoin, managed to carry out his transaction with your thousands of bitcoins.

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Laszlo returned on the same topic to show the photos of his acquisition, a pair of large pizzas with onions, peppers, sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, pepperoni … all this to have a leftover for the next day.two pizzasFirst pizzas bought with bitcoin.

10,000 bitcoins or R $ 2 billion?

In theory, if instead of being converted into two pizzas, these bitcoins were saved and kept until today they could be sold for 2 billion reais. But is it really? The first purchase with bitcoin was so remarkable for the history of cryptocurrency that it is impossible to know how we would be without it. Laszlo doesn't even have any regrets about the day, he just proudly acknowledges his feat, so much so that he repeated the purchase 8 years later, using the second layer of Bitcoin known as the Lightning Network. Again, the BTC price continued to rise significantly after the transaction, did he regret this time? Bitcoin Pizza Day is important precisely because it shows the potential of the digital asset to be used as currency. And in 2022, to celebrate another day of pizza for bitcoiners, campaigns by companies in the sector are rewarding customers, learn how to take advantage.

Earn bitcoins on Bitcoin Pizza Day

Cointimes teamed up with Bitpreço and Criptomaníacos to reward 3 people with bitcoins at an event. To participate, just go to the Pizza Day Bitpreço page and follow the rules. Have you bought anything with bitcoin? Then you will just tell your "pizza day" moment of how you could be with your coins worth X times more today. But do not keep regrets, you can win a prize for that in this event. And of course, there is not just one campaign to give you money on this Bitcoin Pizza Day. See the NovaDAX campaign, for example, you can earn R $ 100 in your account from the brokerage firm answering a Bitcoin questionnaire. Just be one of the first 15 to answer all questions correctly and you take the money home, from there just order a pizza to take advantage of the bonus. If you rate the questionnaire, you really deserve to take advantage of it. Foxbit, one of the most traditional exchanges in Brazil, is also joining the wave and announced on Instagram that it is preparing a novelty for users. Let's keep an eye on not to miss another opportunity to receive prizes and, of course, enjoy a pizza with bitcoins.

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