1 in 5 students use NFT game for family support; according to YGG

Charlie Taylor

A survey by Yield Guild Games (YGG) revealed that 23% of players in an NFT game-based student scholarship program use play-to-earn earnings for their own support and 1 in 5 for support. familiar.

Students in poor countries need financial aid

Imagine that you live in a poor country, severely affected by bad economic decisions that were even more aggravated with these two years of the Covid-19 pandemic. prepare and maybe get a degree that can help you in the job market, but the options of universities or technical courses are scarce and many can cost more than you – or your family – could afford.

YGG and the Student Sponsorship Program – Scholarships

It was with this mission that YGG – Yield Guild Games, a players guild focused on play-to-earn with NFTs – created the program: Sponsor-A-Scholar (Sponsor a Student). , had as its first sponsor Flying Falcon, which provided funds to support 50 YGG Scholars from the Philippines, Indonesia, Venezuela and India so they could start playing and earning with the Axie Infinity game. A-Scholar has four sponsors, including Leaping Corgi, FTX and Coinbase, helping around 230 fellows across the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Brazil, Venezuela and Peru. Play-To-Earn games such as Axie Infinity offered new income generating opportunities for people all over the world, particularly in emerging markets. However, not all people are willing or able to invest in purchasing their own NFTs in advance, especially if they are not familiar with NFT games. that, the Y ield Guild Games has undergone changes with the aim of making Play-To-Earn games more accessible with its scholarship model. With Sponsor-A-Scholar, YGG acquires the NFTs needed to play and lends them to new players under a reward-sharing agreement. YGG’s scholarships have proven to be very popular, with the demand for scholarships far outstripping the supply and availability of game assets. With this initiative, YGG has prioritized providing scholarships in emerging economies where employment opportunities are lacking and government aid is limited. Through a survey conducted among schools, the majority of scholarship recipients are from the Philippines (63%), followed by Indonesia (11%) and India (11%). The majority of survey respondents were Filipino fellows who were predominantly male and around 18 to 24 years of age.Graph with YGG survey results: 63% philippines, 11% indonesia, 11% india, 9% venezuela, 4% brazil, 2% peru.

Scholars who are part of the NFT gaming program

“With Play-To-Earn games such as Axie Infinity being easily accessible via smartphone, fellows have the flexibility to play whenever they have the time. Students don’t have to play all day and it only takes a few hours a day to earn that additional income,” said Kookoo, Scholarship Manager at YGG. an avarage of 2,919 SLP – Axie Infinity reward token – per month.

Enough to support the family

With the SLP being traded – at the time of writing – by US$ 0.0177 or BRL 0.0897according to Coingolive, the average earnings are equivalent to about $51.66 dollars monthly or BRL 261.83.For a student from Brazil (4% of the total number of players), this already makes up an interesting extra income, even with the very negative moment we are experiencing in the cryptocurrency market, after consecutive months of many drops. So what could a little money mean? at the end of the month, nowadays, to complement the income necessary to pay for student costs, with this same average gain in SLP, the player would be receiving more than BRL 6,300.00 in the historic high of the asset (in BRL 2.16 each SLP).All-time high for SLP according to coingolive.Source: CoingoliveIf we take into account that the average salary in Brazil in 2021 was R$2,449.00, according to a survey, a average player YGG’s Axie Infinity’s Axie Infinity would be earning almost 3 times the average of all Brazilians. Which is enough to defray student costs – the goal of the NFT game-based scholarship program – and also to help support of a family. Remembering that, when dealing with an average, there are players who are achieving much superior results, depending on their own dedication and performance in the game, being able to even support a family alone. far from reality. When starting to play through the Coingoback Play, Cointimes writer Gustavo Marinho earned BRL 2,500 a month during high SLP periods. Play is an arm of the cashback platform Coingoback focused on NFT games, offering opportunities similar to those of YGG. See how to play Axie Infinity and earn money without investing by clicking on here.

1 in 5 students in NFT games; what does the research say

Also related to the survey, nearly half (46%) of students said that playing Axie Infinity is a supplement to their usual income, while other fellows said they play part-time while studying, with 42% of respondents confirming they are currently studying. When asked how they spent their earnings, 23% of fellows said that buying food and groceries was their top priority. This is supported by a later question in the survey, where 21% (1 in 5) of players said they were now “able to provide the day-to-day necessities for me and my family”. Medications were the fourth most popular response among students when asked how they spent their earnings.Top 12 answers about spending with earnings.  1: food, 2: bills, 3: savings, 4: medicine, 5: debt payments, 6: appliances, 7: school fees, 8: reinvestment in axs, 9: emergency reserves, 10: slp holder, 11 : started a business, 12: hospital bills.

YGG – Yield Guid Games

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