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The Old Operating Theatre

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The Old Operating Theatre

The Museum provides a memorable experience for any visitor interested in the past. It is one of the most unusual places - a place lost in the past.

The Museum is found at the top of a rickety spiral staircase in the barn-like roof space of an old Church. The Operating Theatre is built in the old Herb Garret of St Thomas's Hospital. While the Garret has a charming old world atmosphere of oak beams and bundles of herbs, the Theatre itself is a shocking reminder of the harsh reality of life before modern science and technology. Many places claim to 'bring the past to life'. But this is not Disney cuteness or Heritage complacency. This is the past stripped bare. See for your self!

2012 is the 50th Anniverary of the foundation of Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret, in Southwark. click here to find out more about the discovery of the Old Operating Theatre and here for : the Restoration of the Old Operating Theatre

If you cannot come to the Museum then, take the Interactive Tour of the Museum!  Continue the Interactive Tour of the Museum into the Old Operating Theatre, or the Antechamber, Herb Garret or visit St Thomas St. It was written by Stuart Franey using Java.

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