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RSS Feed

What is RSS?

RSS technology allows you to feed news from our web site direct to your browser. You might want to do this to keep in touch with our latest events or because you wish to follow the progress of our exciting Development plan. This is a first attempt at adding RSS to the web site.

Below you can see the content of our RSS feed as currently constituted. This will develop as we get used to the technology!

This is what the feed currently contains:

How to set up RSS on your browser

If you are using Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla Firefox you should see a little symbol at the bottom right of the window. Click on this and you will be subscribed to the service!

Manual setting up of RSS using Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is an excellent internet browser that has the advantage of being independent of Microsoft. It is easy to set up RSS feeds.

Go to the Bookmarks menu and select 'Manage Bookmarks'. Under the 'File Menu', select 'New Livemark'. Create a name for the Live Bookmark and add the URL: New articles from our site will appear as Live Bookmarks in Firefox. Click here for Firefox Help .

Manual setting up of RSS using Internet Explorer

Is of course slightly more difficult than using Firefox! But simple enough if you download a newsreader of which many free examples exist. To find out more click here.

The URL of our RSS feed is: :

XML Code

The RSS image to see the XML code . The URL of our RSS feed is:

Putting our RSS feed on your web site

You can include the Old Operating Theatre Museum's news feed on your own site easily.

This is achieved using the free Cut n' Paste JavaScript RSS Feed

If you paste the following code into your web site, our feed will automatically appear!

<script language="JavaScript" src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

<noscript> <a href="">View RSS feed</a> </noscript>

You can edit the way it looks at the site noted above Cut n' Paste JavaScript RSS Feed . Our feed address is

To see an example in use see /




20/11/06 KPF