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The walk is complementary to a visit to the Old Operating Theatre, Museum & Herb Garret and provides a tour of surviving parts of Old St. Thomas's Hospital, historic parts of Guy's Hospital and a detailed look at the conditions in Victorian London. It can be delivered to school, medical or general interest groups. The school's walk is closely tied to the National Curriculum, and can be tailored either to Key Stage 2 Victorian Britain, or Key Stage 4 Medicine Through Time.

The walker tells the story of the health, social and working conditions suffered by the Victorian poor, the ‘miasma’ produced by Father Thames and the lack of a sewage system, and of Southwark’s own connection to the cholera epidemics of the 1830s. The horrible symptoms of the disease of cholera and how it came to England are described.

The contributions of key figures – social reformer Edwin Chadwick, doctor John Snow, statistician William Farr and engineer Joseph Bazalgette- are considered, and the story of how they came to play a role in ridding London from cholera is told.



  • Old St. Thomas's Hospital - Bodysnatchers and Medical Advances

  • Guy's Hospital - Hospital Design and Florence Nightingale

  • Borough Market - Food, Hygiene, Nutrition and Environmental Health

  • Southwark Cathedral - The Church, the poor, and Church Schools

  • The Clink - Prisons and Reform in Victorian London

  • River Thames - The Stinking Thames, the Power of the City, and the Riches of Empire

  • Hay's Galleria and London Bridge Railway - Transport and Progress

Fees for school visit and walk

Walks are charged at £6 in addition to any entry charges to the Museum. A walk and a visit to the Museum costs £8.00 for school children (2009 price) and £9.25 for other groups. There is a minimum charge for a walk booking, based on the cost of 10 visitors.

For Further details call the Museum on 0207 188 2679 or email us.


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