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Herbs used at Guys in 1731


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"I do remember an apothecary ...
And in his needy shop a tortoise hung,
An alligator stuff'd and other skins.
Of ill-shaped fishes; and about his shelves A beggarly account of empty boxes.
Green earthen pots, bladders, and musty seeds.
Remnants of packthread,
and old cakes of roses.
Were thinly scatter'd
to make up a show. "

William Shakespeare from Romeo and Juliet

Listed at the bottom of the page are herbs which are mentioned as being used by Guy's Hospital in 1731. The paper on which they appear is headed:

Bills for chemical and pharmaceutical preparations

Supplied to Guy's hospital Apothecary J Parritt in 1731

by Silvanus and Timothy Bevan of Plough Lane Lambert St.

In 1731 Silvanus and Timothy were in business as Apothecaries. In 1765 Timothy Bevan and Sons described themselves as 'druggists & chemists'

The herbs are described with a summary of their properties and supposed used derived from 'A Modern Herbal' by Mrs M Grieve, first published in 1931.

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