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Guy's Coat of Arms

Image of Guys Hospital showing the Gates and the coat of arms

Entrance to Guy's Hospital with Coat of arms at top.

“Sable on a chevron or between three leopards’ head argent, each crowned with an eastern Crown of the second as many Fleurs de Lis azure and for a crest upon a wreath of the colours of the field. A woman sitting accompanied with three children proper habited azure being the emblem of Charity, the arms supported on either side by an Angel proper habited argent the hair and wings or each holding a book proper the clasps or and underneath the following motto: Dare quam accipere.”


Translated from heraldic language this means: a black field intersected by a

gold chevron surrounded by three silver leopard’s heads, crowned with Eastern

crowns. The chevron is decorated by three blue fleur-de-lis. The field is

crested by a helmet, upon which is a wreath in black and gold (the colours of

the field), upon which stands a woman holding three children. They are

‘proper’, that is, they are shown in their natural colours, the woman (Charity)

wearing a blue dress. On either side of the field stand two angels with gold

wings and hair and silver gowns, holding books with gold clasps. The motto

(very loosely translated!) is something like ‘to give is to receive’.


As to meanings, a brief internet search located the following meanings:

Gold: Generosity

Silver: Peace and sincerity

Sable: constancy, sometimes grief

Azure: loyalty and truth

Leopard: valiant and hardy warrior

Celestial crown: Heavenly reward (Crown: Royal or seigniorial authority)

Angels: Dignity, glory and honour

Fleur de Lis: Christian piety, royalty

However, this may be something you will be able to follow up.


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Information compiled by Katharine Higgon, Archives Assistant, Kings College Archives