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Education Resources

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Medical Links Links to other web sites of interest to medical history
360 Degree Tours Virtual Tours of the Museum
Interactive Games Games and fun sites with some link to medical history
The Museum Guide Book The Museum's Guide Book which contains everything you want to know about the Museum
The Apothecary Pack Our Pack full of Curriculum links to: Maths, Science, English, Art & Design and History making use of the Herb Garret
Our Blood Pack The 'Our Blood' pack complements the Museum's Victorian Surgery programme for GCSE "Medicine Through Time" students
On Line Exhibitions Museum Exhibitions in pdf format for you to download
An Operation in 1846 Robert Liston Operation
A Patient in 1892 G. H. Crosby kept a hospital diary prior to his operation for a fractured patella
Patients' Stories Further information on the patients in the Hospital
Reasons to be healthy Activity to get children thinking about what leads to a healthy life
Herbs and Traditional Uses An activity introducing traditional medical herbs and simple prescription
Snail Water Snail Water Receipe - you'll be amazed at what they put in the Cure!
Herb Garret Activity Sheet Designed to consider the Herb Garret as a herbal storage space
Panacea What would you do if you discovered a universal cure-all?
Florence Nightingale A brief biography
The Operating Theatre Activity Sheet Designed to encourage a thoughtful look at the Theatre

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