An exhibition of work by Susan Aldworth


IMAGE: Brainscape 30, 2006

Now showing at the Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret
29 June – 31August 2006 10.30am-5pm

In celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the rediscovery in 1956
of the oldest operating theatre in Europe, Susan Aldworth shows her work in the newly restored attic of St Thomas' Church.
9a St Thomas Street London SE1 9RY T 020 7188 2679

MATTER INTO IMAGINATION: inside the heads of 30 strangers

Is it possible to locate and identify the ‘me’ within the convolutions of the brain’s matter? Can the working of the imagination be seen and touched? Artist Susan Aldworth grapples with these questions in works for the exhibition “Matter Into Imagination”. The installation video footage, film and photographic imagery using scans of her own brain.
Supported by the Arts Council and Vital Arts as artist in residence at the Royal London Hospital she has been given unprecedented access to the neurological operating theatres. She is collaborating with consultant neuroradiologist Dr Paul Butler at the Royal London Hospital,
with contributions from neuropsychologist and author Dr Paul Broks.

‘Do we need more pictures of the brain? For Aldworth, such images,
the real and the hyper real, the photographic and the digital, are deeply provocative but serve only to intensify the core ambiguities that drive
her work. The harder one stares into the machinery of the brain, the starker
the realisation that there is no one in there. There is no inner sanctum
of the self. Neural networks have a life and logic of their own. There is no one running the show. The self is a shadow-puppet shaped by the firings of a hundred billion brain cells. These are conceptual conundrums. Intractable to current science, they call for an artistic response’.

Other artworks by Susan from the same project can be seen at:
The Royal London Hospital, Main Corridor, 26 June – 29 September 2006, 8am-8pm daily 'MATTER INTO IMAGINATION: Selected Works', Whitechapel, London E1 1BB Vital Arts T 020 7480 4654