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Access and the Museum


The Museum has a difficult position in the garret of St Thomas Church with access restricted to a spiral staircase, and a fire escape in an adjoining building.. It is therefore only physically accessible to those who can manage the 32 step spiral staircase.

The spiral staircase does have the advantage that visitors can brace themselves against in when climbing the stairs.

  Spiral Staircase

We are doing our best to find a solution to access and to ameliorate problems it causes.

The Old Operating Theatre Museum has prepared a policy and plan to improve access to the Old Operating Theatre Museum in line with the Disability Discrimination Act. This is available on request or available to download on: accesspolicy.pdf and accessplan .

In the meantime, we have worked to widen access to individuals or groups and have provided the following aids to wider access:







In addition, for those who cannot physically access the Museum we offer:





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